Monday, January 24, 2011

Handling Stress

This was a topic in church yesterday. It was apropos because last week was beyond stressful. Igloo and I were asked to speak in church (stress).
I'm the new cubmaster and it's my first pack meeting tomorrow. I have no idea what I'm doing. (stress)
Tumbleweed has been waking up more and I'm exhausted!
I'm worried about my kids. My 2 oldest.
Munchkin may have a rare genetic disorder.
I'm serious.
She's been getting really high fevers (105 is normal around here) with no other symptoms (except feeling awful and everything hurts) every 4o days since September. She had one last week so I took her in just to make sure I wasn't crazy.
I'm not. But we get to start the arduous process of testing now. Any of you know anyone with Periodic Fever Syndrome?
Jack is worrying me. I don't want to say too much because it's the internet but he's having some emotional problems. Most of the time he's fine, but every so often I get really concerned. He's always been very sensitive. He's a perfectionist and it really affects his self-esteem. His teacher says he seems fine so that's a relief, but I'm still hoping to meet with the school psychologist to see if I can do something different with him at home.
I got a flat tire today. Luckily it was only $100 to repair (should have been $200 but Discount Tire is awesome)
I found a window with a big crack in it. Glass needs to be replaced.
There's other little things. I upset someone today and even though I didn't do anything wrong, it's bothering me. I volunteer at the school a couple of hours each week. I love it, but it's just one more thing I have to do. It's laundry day tomorrow. Jack's coughing. The toddler isn't growing out of the toddlerness. It seems to just be getting worse.

And I'm mad at myself for even being stressed about all of this because in all reality, my life isn't so bad. I'm ticked that our savings seems to be disappearing thanks to small car repairs and broken windows, but we HAVE savings. I have friends without jobs or with medical debt.
Another friend just lost her baby at 25 weeks. This one is really hitting me hard.
A relation went to close on a house out of state and were told "never mind" (they had already driven the moving truck over)
Another friend's toddler pulled a pot of boiling water onto himself. He's the one with autism and cerebal palsy I told you about. It's bad enough when regular kids get injured. Autism is whole other story. They can still use a lot of help paying for service dog training for him, btw. Feel free to donate (even $5 helps) here.
My brother is wedding planning! Talk about stress!!! (Elope! Just do it!!)

With all that my loved ones are dealing with, I feel like a schmuck for whining about my life right now.
The flat tire today just did me in though. I can't keep it bottled up inside. Writing is one of the ways I deal with stress. It helps to just get it out there. "I'm having a hard time dealing with life right now." There it is. Out on the internet. And it feels a bit cathartic, I gotta admit.


  1. I'm sorry - I know it sucks when stuff piles up and attacks you all at once. It's like stress hides in a closet, just waiting for you to walk by and WHAM, jumps on your back and starts giving you a noogie or something. Lame.

    My toddler is also not growing out of his toddlerness. Perhaps it is something in the water? Maybe we should lock them up in a room and let them wear each other out. While we eat chocolate and chillax. Yes?

  2. I know what you mean - but we all have our own battles, it's okay to have good days and bad!

  3. Kestrel- yes! And you should work in my garden. Too bad you're not closer. I'd rent you some land ;)

  4. I'm sorry.

    I can relate--although I think I prefer my tantruming non-talker to the high fevers.

    Round here it's dental work that wants to do me in.

    If I were around I'd take the kids so you could get a nap.

  5. Why is that...everything seems to hit at once. When it rains, it pours. I hate that. Hang in there. Once it's done pouring, the sun will shine on you again.

    And then you can plant your garden. How many days until spring? :)

  6. Oh I hear you. I hear you. I like what Adrienne said about us each having our own battles & it's OK to have good days and bad days.

    I've been in your same spot so many times lately...things in life just piling up (some little, some bigger) making that big bubbling cauldron of stress. And, then I'd throw a little guilt in there for good measure because after all there are those experiencing things so much worse.

    Somehow God keeps coming through with that grace that we need for whatever we are facing at the moment. And, sometimes it feels like we're clinging to that grace by a thread. But, still it's there.

  7. oooh, that is one poopy slice of life at the moment. I am so sorry. You don't even really know me, but if I was your neighbor I'd let your kids come muster up some havoc with mine so you could regroup. Hang in there!

  8. I didn't know there was a wedding coming up! Congrats! Is "Jack" having emotional issues because of going to school all day, not gettting enough sleep. My oldest son had melt downs on a regular basis in 1st grade, the teacher never thought he was a problem. 2nd grade has been better, maybe its maturity, I don't know. My youngest has had genetic testing done, it's not a huge deal to have it done but be prepared to wait for weeks before you get the answer.

  9. Oh stress! It always seems to come in waves, you it slow builds up until it breaks and then you get a lull, then the slow build up begins again.