Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hazelwood Necklace for Eczema

A few weeks ago a friend told me about using hazelwood to help with eczema. Her sister had had great results with it. So I ordered one. I'm desperate!! :)
When the necklace arrived no one had any rashes because I had used to prescription steroid. We originally bought it for Jack, but since his was under control we switched it to Munchkin. (I have nicknames! Check the top bar for who is who.) Hers is usually the worst because it covers more area and flares up more easily. So I bathed her with regular soap and got this:
so I put the necklace on her, wrapped twice around the ankle.
There wasn't much improvement the next day.

She wore it for a week and after a week it looked like this. Still red, but not terrible.
So we took it off Monday to let Jack wear it again. On Thursday her legs looked like this:
These were Munchkin's legs this morning:
I could cry, they look so awful. The pictures really don't do justice. But if you think this is bad you should see her after swimming!

So did it help?

I'm not sure. It certainly didn't cure it. But they have definitely gotten worse since we took it off. So I put it back on her today. On their website some people said they noticed improvement after two weeks. So I'm leaving it on 2 weeks this time. I mean, we already bought it and it certainly isn't hurting her.

Verdict: inconclusive.


  1. Thanks for the update. And please keep them coming. Based on your experiences we will or won't buy some. Those legs look very, very familiar - I have one boy that gets just like that...the backs of his legs, his bottom, his just makes me want to cry.

  2. Here's a link to my friend's sister's blog.
    I asked if she still thought it worked because later pictures show him not wearing it. I'll keep you updated though. ps-this morning it was WAY better! hmmmmm

  3. Did wearing the necklace for 2 weeks help in the end? My DS has been wearing his for 1 week now and there has been no improvement.

  4. Yeah, we've definitely noticed an improvement with it, but it isn't a stand alone "cure". They just don't become awful weeping sores anymore. We just replaced hers when it started getting bad again and noticed an improvement after a few days. Give it another week, but it doesn't work for everyone :(
    I've had an immunologist and a dermatologist recommend daily baths (only 10 min long) and 1/4 c. bleach in the water to kill bacteria. I strongly recommend trying this. My DD is allergic to grass and the necklace can't seem to keep up so the bleach baths really help.

  5. Thanks. We think my DS is allergic to grass too, as his eczema started to get bad in April when the pollen season started and it is much worse when he spends time outside. I can't imagine putting bleach in a bath though!