The Family

Well, there's me: Mrs. Small House. I am a full time mother and wife and the one who writes this stuff.  I am a little lot obsessed with homeschooling. I can geek out on curriculum all day. I am the reason our local thrift store stays in business.  I'm a wannabe urban homesteader, more of a dabbler right now.  I like my house. But sometimes I wish we had an extra bathroom.  Maybe an extra bedroom for homeschooling....

IGLOO (formerly known as Mr. Small House) is my husband and tag along for this crazy ride.  He puts up with a lot and is an off again on again de-clutterer.  But he calls me from work to tell me he loves me, so I can't complain.  He really loves emergency preparedness and is constantly thinking about the upcoming zombie apocalypse. We're not ready, in case you were wondering. He's from Alaska and makes sure I never forget it.  Someday he hopes to inherit his dad's 200sqft cabin up there and drag our family off to it.

Offspring #1- JACK:  Our only son.  Jack loves to design and build things and wants to make the world a better place with flying cars. He would program on Scratch all day if his mother would let him.
Offspring #2 - MUNCHKIN: She's the spitfire who always has something funny to say/sing and always has an opinion. She loves animals and wants to be a mother cat when she grows up.  She also wants to major in awesome when she goes to college.  Formerly known as Gozer.
Offspring #3- TUMBLEWEED: This one definitely improves with age.  She's a watcher so be careful what you do and say around her. She has mastered the art of dead pan humor.
Offspring #4-NEEDS A NAME!!