Our family of five lives in 900 sq ft.  It's a 3 bedroom 1 bath home with a pretty decent sized yard (appx. 1/3acre).  There's Mr. & Mrs. Small House, the 8 yr old boy, 5 year old girl, and the 3 year old girl (help!)  Homeschooling has added some definite space challenges!!  We believe frugality and conservationism are intertwined and that a smaller home means both money saved and planet/health saved.  But it does create challenges, especially with decorating.  We also try to maintain food storage, which is probably our biggest difficulty.  We are turning our yard into an Urban Homestead of Food Production Awesomeness as a way to help provide food without taking up too much real estate. This is my place to share and hopefully get more ideas on making a smaller space work well and look cute at the same time.  Topics will include decorating, organizing, clutter, homeschooling, gardening/urban homesteading, green living, general raising kids, and saving money.  This along with any regular personal/family posts because, well, that's my life!  Every day!
As a full time homemaker, my goal is to create a space that is loving, beautiful, and peaceful; a place that angels would want to visit.  I believe this can be done regardless of square footage.