Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday Soup At Six: easy cheesy potato soup

So... The last 2 weeks we had steak at my moms (Sunday steak at six?) and then a potluck at the church.  I was really looking forward to soup night again when I realized it was the most stressful Sunday of the year for me and I had no back up canned soups to fall back on.  But I had potatoes, cream, and cheese so I made up a potato soup.
Some of my favorite soups are ones I make up as I go along.

I boiled about 8 potatoes of varying size and type (because some came from my garden and some from the store bag) in way too much water.  That wouldn't have been a problem had I drained some, but I neglected to remember that until too late.  I think the rule should be to leave only enough water that the tops of the potatoes are peaking up.  More than that and it's too watery.  My husband equated this to potato gravy.  
Then you transfer it in batches into the blender.  I wanted a smooth soup so I blended most of it.  Sometimes I split it and blend half and mash the rest so I have some potato chunks.  I returned the blended soup to the pot where I added salt.  I just salt it to taste, sorry, no measurements.  Maybe 2 tablespoons.  Go easy because you can always add more salt if needed at the table.
After the salt I added probably 3/4 to 1 cup of cream and two handfuls of shredded cheese and stirred.
I added a chives garnish at the end and a few bacon bits and of course more cheese.  They really enhanced the flavor.

This soup is REALLY good if you sautée leeks in butter before adding water and boiling the potatoes, but I was honestly too tired to go pick some leeks.  I needed easy comfort food and this was perfect!