Friday, September 20, 2013

Summer in Pictures

Since I didn't blog much this summer, as usual, here is this year's installment of "Our Summer in Pictures!"  You should now have the Twentieth Century Fox theme going through your head.  Good!  Let's begin.

Summer started with a big ol' birthday party for my grandpa who turned 90.  Happy 90th grandpa!!!!

Took advantage of the opportunity to get some updated 4 generation pictures with my mom, grandma, and each of my little girls.

Next up was the annual 4th of July parade in my mom's little town.
Mom took this opportunity to introduce us to her new beau.  She married him last week.
Coolest license plate ever!!!!  If you can enlarge it, Doctor Who fans will be happy to see "BADWOLF"

 We made our first trip to Colonial Days.  Like a Renaissance Faire, but for colonial times.
Played old timey games
dressed in old timey clothes
joined the old timey militia
and went to old timey school
 That same weekend we also had a family reunion.  We went to a lot of local places and hung out.  It was really lovely.
While at a park, Munchkin heard a horse neigh and we went over to look.  The owner asked Munchkin if she'd like to pet and feed the horse.  She was so good with it that the owner invited her to ride for a bit.  Definitely her favorite part of the whole summer. 
racing sail boats
Even Igloo got into the spirit of things.  He has no idea I took this.  Good thing he never reads my blog! :)
Munchkin graduated from her online preschool.  I loved Rusty and Rosy and think she learned a lot from it!
Way to go girl!
My cousin got married!!  I learned that if you want to get Igloo on the dance floor you have to play Journey.  Then he'll stay when his daughters want to dance with him.

Check it out, we're doing the Thriller!
Lots of camping and mountain exploring!!
Exploring in the woods led us to paradise.
I started taking karate with Jack.
Testing for my yellow belt.
I even earned my belt!
Fire and Ice at my uncle's for Pioneer Day was amazing, as always.
More camping!!!
More camping with friends.
tree hugger in training
Love how tough she is
They have become good friends this summer
I love us.
 We learned Tumbleweed is pretty good with Lego's.

And visited museums because well, we're nerds and I don't think there's anything cooler.
Of course, we had to visit the dinosaurs!
The shark was less cool this year.
Jack earned his Wolf in cub scouts.
He's super excited.
Munchkin played soccer.
She's ready for "bunch ball" to end
We visited the Great Basin Museum in Delta, UT.
old timey weaving.
 We also visited the Leamington Museum in Leamington, UT which is only open on Labor Day.  But I called the mayor and got us hooked up with a private tour 2 days earlier.  I'm awesome like that.
We found a sleeping bat outside the building.  Munchkin was soooo sad she couldn't take it home and begged for a pet bat the rest of the day.
 Of course the real reason for the visit was to meet up with Igloo's dad and step mom.
Lars and grandpa
And then school started!  Already?!  Yep.
First Day of Kindergarten!!!  She's real excited!
First day of home school!!!!  He's less excited.
There's just a peek at our very busy summer.  There was more, but this is long enough, I think!!!  I just need to be better about blogging!


  1. Pure awesomeness. I just love you, you know? Looks like you did so many great things, and I loved the homeschooling report, too! You're probably Superwoman in disguise, I think. And way to blog. I need to do that. :)

  2. I smiled through this whole post. You guys are awesome. Looks like a super fun summer!