Monday, July 15, 2013

A Facts of Life Conversation With Munchkin

Munchkin is in a super inquisitive phase right now.  She wants to know everything about everything.  In fact, when you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she says she wants to study everything. And be a zoologist.  Who studies everything.
I've noticed the past couple of days she's been drawing pictures of pregnant women.
(I like the little stick figure fetus in there.)
So it wasn't surprising when earlier today she asked, "mommy, do babies come out of your belly button?"
"Um, no."
"Then where do they come out?"
"Well, there's a place between your legs that women push them out from."
"You mean your bum?!"
"No, it's another hole.  Near your bum."
"You mean where I PEE?!"
"No.  It's between those.  It's called your vagina."
"Oh.  Can I see it?"
"Well, no.  Not really. Like you can't see your bum."
"Can I see a picture?"
"No, sweetie.  That's why we call them private parts.  If you saw someone else's then it wouldn't be private, would it?"
"Not on a real person!!!"  (Duh, mom) "I mean will you draw a picture?"
"  Here.  Lets find a picture in this book..."   
I then proceeded to grab our American Medical Guide because its the only book I could think of that we had that had some kind of illustration of female anatomy.
"Now, this is what a girl would look like if you cut her in half..."
"They cut her in half?!!!  Why would they do that!?"
"No.  IF.  It's pretend."
I think you get the gist of it.  We talked a little about how boys are different, but luckily she didn't ask anything more about how it all happens (thank you!).  She was content with a part from the mommy and a part from the daddy.  She asked about babies being born and she asked about God.
My favorite question though was the one I didn't have answer for...
"Mommy..." (in an annoyed tone) "why do girls have to be the ones to have the babies?"
Then she answered it herself.
"I know!  It's because we're mammals and we make the milk to feed them!"

Smarty pants.
Although I really don't see why men can't have the babies and then give them to us to feed.  
Just sayin'.


  1. Yeah seriously! I'm gonna be having some words about that when I die.

  2. Also, I live in fear of the day Toby asks these questions. Because he will never, ever, ever shut up about them and will then inform every person we ever see for the rest of our lives just where babies come from. Good Lord.

  3. favorite conversation to have with the kiddos. We did the talk last year with the girls and it's been nice since then to just say, "remember when we talked out..." whenever they have a question. That first time was pretty awkward, but ever since it hasn't been too bad at all.