Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello Internet

I just wanted to say hi. There's nothing really profound to write about, I just felt like saying hi.
I worked for 9 hours today. Did I tell you I got a job? Well, I did. It's extremely part time and just perfect for homeschooling since when I do work I have funky hours and child care/ getting kids to school would be impossible. Not sure what I'll do with Munchkin starting kindergarten next year...
But I love my job! I go to benefit fairs and explain benefits to people. That's it. And I adore it. So I wanted to tell you how blessed and lucky I feel to have a way to pay for my medicine and save for braces for kiddos. Yay!
In other news, the school district decided that Jack isn't gifted enough. I had him tested to go to the local gifted magnet school, and even though his cognitive ability score was high, he is the king of silly math mistakes and didn't score high enough on the math. BUT I was also told they didn't accept any grade skippers (what!?) and they want him to re-apply next year. So even though he's averaging a B+ in fourth grade math right now, they want him to either repeat fourth grade math next year or move on to fifth grade math, only to do accelerated fourth grade math AGAIN the following year. So that's 3 years of fractions.
Umm, no thanks. I think we'll stick with homeschooling. Honestly, I'm relieved. It was nice to be able to tell my kid he is not, in fact, a genius and he does, in fact, have to work hard at school like everyone else. I think he was relived too. I have been trying to undo the genius complex his peers gave him for 2 years now.
I am playing around with a new curriculum and slowly falling in love with it. It's called the "Family School" and was created by a local private school. It includes religious education with history, science, literature, geography, art, and music and the days we do it we have wonderful discussions about the relationship of God to those topics. The spirit is in our home more and there is a greater level of learning than we have had previously. My girls also get to participate and I like that as well.
The down side? LOTS of printing. But I try to show as many things on the iPad as I can to cut down on those.
So if you are LDS and homeschooling or thinking about it, I would suggested checking out
Also, I planted spinach and chard! AND last year I planted parsnips that did absolutely nothing and are coming back strong this year! Hooray! I love spring!


  1. I needed to read this today. Seriously. My oldest "genius" came home from school today telling me that that she was tested for the gifted program today. Today. WE JUST GOT OFF OF SPRING BREAK. First day back after 9 days off, and she gets tested?! I'm ticked. The poor girl is jet lagged. Who is the idiot that decided that today would be a great day for a test?! I have decided that if she isn't gifted enough, then I'm okay with it. Just like Jack, she needs to understand that she's got to work hard like everyone else...and that it's okay to be like that.

    Thanks for the link. Definitely checking it out. Happy Spring!

  2. Hey there...hope all is well. Miss you!

    I couldn't get your link to work, so I googled it and it was .org, just wanted to let you know :) Love you and hope all is well!
    -Love, Jess

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