Friday, February 22, 2013

Munchkin's Scaly Birthday

I am finally blogging about this awesome party.  You guys, it was so much fun.  She really loved it.  Most of last year I was fairly confident she would want a dinosaur party.  She LOVES dinosaurs and can look at pictures of them and name about 80%.  It's nuts.  Thank you Dinosaur Train.
But she surprised me at the last minute by requesting a bug and reptile party.  If you've followed me a while you know of her love for bugs.  She has recently become enthralled with reptiles as well.  I'm really not sure what sparked it, but something happened in the fall and now snakes (and horses) are her favorite.
So we hired cirtters2go to come throw a party for my little herpephile.  We considering hiring the local museum to bring their show, but they didn't combine bugs AND reptiles (and mammals) like critters and I really like the owner of critters.  Okay, now for pictures!
The food!!  I worked so hard on this food.  5 year olds don't appreciate it,but the grownups do. 
mmm. worms in dirt.  One of my favorites!
Check out this adorable printable I found on Pinterest!  Isn't it cute!!?
Check out the 5.  It's a snake!  It took forever to find and needed some MSPaint skillz, but  I thought it turned out great.
petting a leopard gecko.
The highlight of the day for her was holding this corn snake.  Even though Critters2Go doesn't have a snake, she went out of her way to find one because she knew how much my daughter loved them.  AWESOME customer service.
All the kids liked watching and moving the hermit crabs.
This is a chinchilla.  I learned a lot about them, like you can't get their fur wet or it will get moldy.
Hedgehog.  Munchkin is so calm about bugs that when the hedgehog missed one of her (live) meal worms, Munchkin picked it right up and fed it to her.  Awesome!
Madagascar hissing cockroach.  One of her favorite plastic bugs looks like this so it didn't bother her at all.
Tumbleweed thinks globes make a good hat.
This hug comes after opening her gift from Jack.  He sewed her a bedside organizer all by himself and she thought it was pretty swell.
Her aunt made this awesome Dr. Who shirt.  It says, "exhilarate!" I love that both my brother's wives are Whovians! 
Her favorite gift?  A $1 snake from Walmart from Jack.
So there you go!  I love my little five year old.  She has such a fun and unique personality and it's such a privilege to watch her grow up!

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  1. OH my gosh, such fun pictures! Not sure which is my favorite, although the who shirt is definitely up there with the Madagascar bug picture. Great banner work with the 5 as a snake!