Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Catch Up

I know what happened. My best friend died. My bladder broke. And I didn't feel like writing every day about how ticked at God I was (am) because of it. Also, we got an iPad as an early Christmas gift and writing/internetting just isn't the same. So I stopped reading your blogs and writing my own. But I miss blogging. Sure, Facebook is fun for posting silly anecdotes from my children, but it falls short on so many levels. So I downloaded the blogger app and the google reader app and we'll see if I can get back into things.
Igloo doesn't want me writing about his personal life and everything at work is all hush, hush, super secret so you don't get to hear about him. He reads a lot of books.
I just feel like I am always going. Between homeschooling, my church calling, and taking care of the family I don't have much left. And that really sucks. I've never liked busy. Plus busy is bad for my bladder. So I'm trying (mostly failing) to say no and have changed some curriculum so Jack has to do more on his own. I think it's better for both of us.

Jack is waiting to hear if he got into the local gifted magnet school called CAS (center for accelerated studies). His scores were really high except for math. He's a horrible math tester. But they said he should still apply so we're waiting to hear back from them next month. He participated in the homeschool spelling bee last week. He was so nervous and cried when he mixed up two letters and was out. But he made it to the fifth round so I'm really proud of him. He also won a chick so I'll need to remake our chick hutch again.

Munchkin is turning FIVE in 2 days! She'll have to get a new nickname soon because her chronic diarrhea is gone and she's quickly putting on weight! She is starting to read really well now, but still prefers drawing. She LOVES snakes. We're having a reptile birthday party for her because she loves all things scaly. I'm hoping to post pictures and such.

Tumbleweed is potty trained!!! It took all of January, but she is permanently out of diapers, even at night. Yay!! She has developed a stutter that is teaching us all patience in a way I never thought possible. I feel so bad for her as she muddles through her sentences, but it has been good for me to slow down and really pay attention to her when she speaks to me.
She is our resident goth. She loves any movie with a scary witch and has her own evil laugh. It'd be creepy if she wasn't so awesome. Any time I try to take a video she gets mad and cries...someday I hope to share it with you.

So now you're all caught up. Maybe I'll get detailed later. Maybe I'll figure out how to do pictures. Maybe I'll actually tell you how Munchkins birthday party goes. The future is full of possibilities.


  1. Yay! Can I say I love that he won a chick?!? No cookies or a pizza or junky toy but a chick. Awesome.

  2. I love you and your family. Thanks for updating. :)

  3. I don't know, man. When they gave C. a goldfish at the primary party, and then I had to go out to the store, get the tank ready, talk to the fish people about HOW NOT TO GET A GOLDFISH TO DIE, and then spend the next couple of YEARS changing goldfish tank water.... ugh.

    And then the goldfish needed friends, and then the original goldfish DID die (swam into a shell and got stuck, stupid fish)... and I had to do the "replacement goldfish switch-a-roo so the kid won't notice" trick. Then I was dealing with fish that weren't even the ORIGINAL fish. Eventually we took the fish to the pond. To be free.

    I'm sure your chick will fare much better. :)