Monday, February 25, 2013

Unfortunate Fortune

Most of the time, chickens make awesome pets. But when you can't help them, it's not so fun. Some of you may remember that one of my hens, Fortune, had an egg break inside her last summer. She was very lucky to have lived through it, but was weakened. She stopped laying but has been doing rather well this last month (we thought). On Saturday morning we found her lying in the run on her side. She wasn't moving but was still breathing. She looked like she had been there all night. I wrapped her in a towel. And brought her inside before the other hens started hurting her. I held her for an hour, expecting her to die. She didn't so we put her in a tote with fresh greens and seeds and gave her some water. She had both and seemed to perk up. Yesterday she was much more alert and I started to think she might actually get better.
Today was bad though. She wouldn't eat or drink and has spent the last eight hours in unresponsive sleep (chicken coma?). I suppose that means death and it makes me so sad.
It breaks my heart to see her like this but neither of us can bring ourselves to end her misery.
I guess I'm just glad she isn't dying in the cold and I could at least make her comfortable.
Poor thing.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Quitting Sugar

I'm changing my diet folks.  Two years ago I became VERY addicted to sugar after Christmas and have not been able to quit it since. Over that time I have noticed erratic moods, insomnia, headaches, lethargy, foggy mind, and more.  All things I made other excuses for: anxiety, depression, side effects of my pills, post concussion syndrome...there was a logical explanation for it all. After a recent flare (when my bladder feels like a UTI without having an infection), I decided enough is enough.  I know my bladder is improving, but it isn't healing.  I can't be on these pills the rest of my life and I am just plain sick of the pain!
There's still not much known about Interstitial Cystitis, but I try to keep up on the latest research.  Diet is the biggest part of treating this disease.  It's the first thing doctors have you do.  No coffee, alcohol, tomatoes, citrus, soda, caffeine and more depending on your body.  But I started wondering about sugar and processed foods.  The Interstitial Cystitis Network recommends a diet as close to whole foods as you can get.
I came to the realization last month that sugar was having a significant effect on my moods.  I NEEDED it to function.  I was angry without it and I was erratic with it.  I honestly felt like an alcoholic who couldn't function without the drug but wasn't the best person to be around with it.  So I'm quitting!
So a week ago I started adding fresh veggie and fruit juice to my diet.  Replacing one meal with juice, that's all.  Just to ease into it a little.  Then Sunday I went off processed anything.  For six days my diet has consisted of fresh juice (like from a juicer), raw or steamed veggies and raw fruits, almond milk, nuts, and eggs from my chickens.
It. Is. So. Hard.
BUT it is also already making a difference.  I am falling asleep before midnight (for the last 5 months it's been 2am for me) and able to wake up at 6am (unheard of!) I am yelling less and just seem overall more pleasant (though I still have my moments).
I wanted to blog about it but kept forgetting about Munchkin's birthday so I put it off.  But here's the catch up.
Sunday: not too bad.
Monday: really missing all the candy leftover from birthday and valentines.  I started noticing all the places I stash candy.  I really have a problem, folks.
Tuesday: woke up at 4:30 with diarrhea and spend a good chunk of the day in the bathroom.  Massive sugar withdrawal headache.  Both symptoms improve with increased water consumption.
Wednesday: feeling a little better, but still sicky.
Thursday: Fell really good, but having a harder time resisting processed foods.
Friday (TODAY!): a bit stressed out and angry today, but considering the stressors and how I handled it, it really was a pretty decent day.  Went to Sams club and had 3 people comment on how healthy my grocery cart was.  Then I had to buy a pizza a coke for my husband AND walk past an incredible smelling bbq to raise funds for MS and nearly started crying.  Seriously.  It's getting harder and harder to be around the food my family is still eating (burritos and taquitos!) and be stuck with a salad.
I didn't weigh myself beforehand, but I can say I've lost 5 lbs since New Years (yay!) so that's a plus.  I'm so bloated from asparagus and broccoli though that you can't tell. :)  I plan on doing this for 2 weeks and then adding grains and cheese back in and maybe fish.  Maybe not.  I'm strongly considering becoming a (lacto-ovo) vegetarian again. I haven't been one since I became pregnant with my first child (9 years!) Not sure how hard/easy that will be with kids.
Are any of my readers vegetarian moms?  Any advice?

Munchkin's Scaly Birthday

I am finally blogging about this awesome party.  You guys, it was so much fun.  She really loved it.  Most of last year I was fairly confident she would want a dinosaur party.  She LOVES dinosaurs and can look at pictures of them and name about 80%.  It's nuts.  Thank you Dinosaur Train.
But she surprised me at the last minute by requesting a bug and reptile party.  If you've followed me a while you know of her love for bugs.  She has recently become enthralled with reptiles as well.  I'm really not sure what sparked it, but something happened in the fall and now snakes (and horses) are her favorite.
So we hired cirtters2go to come throw a party for my little herpephile.  We considering hiring the local museum to bring their show, but they didn't combine bugs AND reptiles (and mammals) like critters and I really like the owner of critters.  Okay, now for pictures!
The food!!  I worked so hard on this food.  5 year olds don't appreciate it,but the grownups do. 
mmm. worms in dirt.  One of my favorites!
Check out this adorable printable I found on Pinterest!  Isn't it cute!!?
Check out the 5.  It's a snake!  It took forever to find and needed some MSPaint skillz, but  I thought it turned out great.
petting a leopard gecko.
The highlight of the day for her was holding this corn snake.  Even though Critters2Go doesn't have a snake, she went out of her way to find one because she knew how much my daughter loved them.  AWESOME customer service.
All the kids liked watching and moving the hermit crabs.
This is a chinchilla.  I learned a lot about them, like you can't get their fur wet or it will get moldy.
Hedgehog.  Munchkin is so calm about bugs that when the hedgehog missed one of her (live) meal worms, Munchkin picked it right up and fed it to her.  Awesome!
Madagascar hissing cockroach.  One of her favorite plastic bugs looks like this so it didn't bother her at all.
Tumbleweed thinks globes make a good hat.
This hug comes after opening her gift from Jack.  He sewed her a bedside organizer all by himself and she thought it was pretty swell.
Her aunt made this awesome Dr. Who shirt.  It says, "exhilarate!" I love that both my brother's wives are Whovians! 
Her favorite gift?  A $1 snake from Walmart from Jack.
So there you go!  I love my little five year old.  She has such a fun and unique personality and it's such a privilege to watch her grow up!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Skating Party

Those who know me know that I don't do Valentines Day.  But my kids love it (of course) so we decided to go to the homeschoolers Valentine's Day Skating Party today.  We all had fun and I actually made a friend!  Usually I go to these things and don't talk to anyone and no one talks to me.  But I volunteered to help with the spelling bee and my son is super social so I'm starting to meet more homeschoolers from those kinds of things and it's nice.
I just wanted to share these pictures of my kids.
I love that they are best friends.
I've spent this evening baking cupcakes, decorating, and putting finishing touches on party things.  Now I'm wired and can't sleep.  Of course, I still forgot things so I'll have to do those after PE in the morning.  I only do parties every 5 years and don't know how all you other moms can stand to do them any more frequently. I'm really excited though!  Can't wait to post pictures!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Catch Up

I know what happened. My best friend died. My bladder broke. And I didn't feel like writing every day about how ticked at God I was (am) because of it. Also, we got an iPad as an early Christmas gift and writing/internetting just isn't the same. So I stopped reading your blogs and writing my own. But I miss blogging. Sure, Facebook is fun for posting silly anecdotes from my children, but it falls short on so many levels. So I downloaded the blogger app and the google reader app and we'll see if I can get back into things.
Igloo doesn't want me writing about his personal life and everything at work is all hush, hush, super secret so you don't get to hear about him. He reads a lot of books.
I just feel like I am always going. Between homeschooling, my church calling, and taking care of the family I don't have much left. And that really sucks. I've never liked busy. Plus busy is bad for my bladder. So I'm trying (mostly failing) to say no and have changed some curriculum so Jack has to do more on his own. I think it's better for both of us.

Jack is waiting to hear if he got into the local gifted magnet school called CAS (center for accelerated studies). His scores were really high except for math. He's a horrible math tester. But they said he should still apply so we're waiting to hear back from them next month. He participated in the homeschool spelling bee last week. He was so nervous and cried when he mixed up two letters and was out. But he made it to the fifth round so I'm really proud of him. He also won a chick so I'll need to remake our chick hutch again.

Munchkin is turning FIVE in 2 days! She'll have to get a new nickname soon because her chronic diarrhea is gone and she's quickly putting on weight! She is starting to read really well now, but still prefers drawing. She LOVES snakes. We're having a reptile birthday party for her because she loves all things scaly. I'm hoping to post pictures and such.

Tumbleweed is potty trained!!! It took all of January, but she is permanently out of diapers, even at night. Yay!! She has developed a stutter that is teaching us all patience in a way I never thought possible. I feel so bad for her as she muddles through her sentences, but it has been good for me to slow down and really pay attention to her when she speaks to me.
She is our resident goth. She loves any movie with a scary witch and has her own evil laugh. It'd be creepy if she wasn't so awesome. Any time I try to take a video she gets mad and cries...someday I hope to share it with you.

So now you're all caught up. Maybe I'll get detailed later. Maybe I'll figure out how to do pictures. Maybe I'll actually tell you how Munchkins birthday party goes. The future is full of possibilities.