Wednesday, October 10, 2012


With the home school program we're in, we get money to buy supplies for school.  I have $175 left over and need to spend it soon.  So we've been debating between a refurbished laptop, a laser printer, or a tablet (probably a Nexus).
The thing is...why do I need a tablet?  I mean, we have some old ipods my brother in law gave us so get how cool apps are and everything, but isn't a tablet just like a really big smart phone?  Or is there more to it?
Someone enlighten me.
I like computers.  They may not get apps, but they have dvd drives.

Exciting things to know:
2 of our new chickens (previously known as "the chicks") have started laying!!  AND my husband ordered a smart phone!!  That's HUGE for our family.  He may even send a text now!!11!!one!


  1. i don't get tablets either BUT YAY FOR SMART PHONES!!! They are the best

  2. We have a tablet, but only for one reason. Josh uses it for school, he reads a truckload of academic papers and he has a software that allows him to annotate the PDF's.

    My guess would be that people who use it educationally use it for educational apps.

    And yay on the chickens!

  3. My husband bought me a kindle. Although I was sceptical at first I really enjoy it. I do not have a smart phone so I bring it with me to distract my boys if their is going to be a long wait somewhere. I homeschool also and I love how many free books I have found. Our library system does ebook loans also which I use a lot! I still collect the old books but no longer by the new paperbacks if I can get them for the kindle. Just one more way to save space!