Tuesday, October 2, 2012

late night blogging

Tumbleweed fell asleep early so now guess who gets to be up were with at midnight?  Girls night!!!
(I'm trying to be super positive right now)
So, what the heck.  I'll blog.
Henry died.  He got moldy and I had to throw him away.  Anyone else find it ironic that my yeast died from a fungus?  So I think I'm going to spend money this time and buy a start from an actual company.
My chicks STILL are not laying.  I finally took my 2 older hens out and have put them in solitary confinement.  They were just plain mean and pecking everyone.  Plus they're molting right now and just need to be by themselves.  Meanwhile, I have zero eggs coming in.  And I have now become an egg snob so store bought eggs just wont do.
We bought a water softener.  I wanted it for the appliances and my husband wanted it for his and Munchkin's skin.  Wow!  I didn't expect much, but not only is her hair easier to comb, but eczema?  what eczema?  It's practically gone.  I still need to see how winter is, but for now she can eat wheat again!!  hooray!

Maybe it's just in my head and I don't say it or blog it (I'm not sure), but sometimes I feel like all I do is complain about my kids.  Not sleeping, not cleaning, not doing school....  But today I feel like bragging about my kids.  Today was a kid braggy kind of day.  After all, isn't that what we mommy bloggers do?  They're geniuses, you know.  All of them.
Tumbleweed is probably my smartest kid.  I asked if she would like mashed potatoes tonight and she said, "why of course, Mother, I would.  Thank you."  What 2 year old talks like that!!?  She's got the alphabet and sounds down already.  Not unheard of, I know, but it's the earliest for any of my kids.  Must be the lack of sleep.
Munchkin lives in an imaginary world and is always telling stories about what happened there.  Tonight I told her it was time to go to bed and she was telling me about how she had to get one of her pets dressed (I think it was a bird) so it could go find food.  "He's nocturnal, you know."  And then because she thinks I'm a simpleton she explained to me what nocturnal meant.  I'm serious about that, by the way.  My four year old talks down to me all the time because she thinks I don't know things.
Jack started a unit on fractions today.  We were supposed to do a review of what we learned last year before he did his workbook but he wanted to do it without me.  I forgot he didn't have a workbook assignment though and there he was, adding fractions and putting them in simplest form (tomorrows lesson) without even being taught how!
See!  Geniuses.  All of 'em.  They get it from Igloo.  If I was a genius my fungus wouldn't die.  /bitter

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  1. Oh my gosh, you are hilarious. I MISS YOU!!! I can't tell you that enough. You are real and you are awesome. Loved this blog post. You should totally blog more at night. :)