Thursday, October 25, 2012

I don't want to be in charge

It snowed today.  It was beautiful.  I'm sad because my camera is in the car and the snow had melted by noon so no pictures.  And then it snowed and melted again.  Just a typical October in Utah.  At least Halloween will be warm.
I spent most of the day getting ready for the Primary Program Sunday.  Programs are like moving.  No matter how early you start packing, there's always things you forgot so you're scrambling at the end.  Craziness!

You guys, I don't mean to complain, except that I do...because this week has really sucked.  I keep telling myself to be grateful that we don't have to spend $300/mo on drugs and some family has offered to help, but then things on the car break (electrical so it still runs), we get the bills from the doctor, things going wrong with the boy's upcoming baptism, and tonight Jack broke a tooth biting a pair of scissors.  He broke another tooth last month while trying to break apart some Lego's.  They aren't cheap to fix so I told him if he ever did it again I'd have the dentist pull the tooth.  I was dead serious at the time.  I've spent way too much money on those teeth to have him breaking them.

So now I have to have his tooth pulled.

And I really don't want his tooth to get pulled.  The orthodontist might pull it next summer, but we don't know yet.  So he'll have a hole for more than a year.  It's the canine on the right.
I want to be merciful, I really do, but I think having a hole in his mouth would be a fantastic reminder to never put anything hard in there.  And I want to be consistent with my threats and punishments.  Or am I going to regret it every time I see him smile or look at pictures.
Or will I be proud that I stuck to my guns so my kids know I'm serious about consequences.

I'm stuck on this one.  I don't have an "oh well" apart from, "oh well, we'll just call the dentist."  I'm tired of oh wells.  I've worn them out this last week.

Someone else be the parent.  Please?

Do you ever think bad things happen because something really awesome is going to happen?  It's pretty awesome when people offer to help you, I'm not ungrateful.  Tired, but very grateful.  But I'm tired enough that I was thinking more like lost stock market funds worth $200,000 awesome....


  1. I love you! You're so inspiring to me! And how frustrating to have kids put things in their mouths that aren't food. I feel I've been fighting that battle with my kids since they were infants.

    I'm grateful you're alive and you have delightful kids. You'll get through this.

  2. Oh yikes. I think a hole in the mouth would make a great reminder, too. It's hard to stick to your guns, though. Especially when he smiles you'll see that reminder every single day!! When is the baptism?

    PS - Crabtree grass...I looked it up. We still aren't sure what the allergy is. It's frustrating. But maybe it is the grass? Everyone just chopped the grass and planted a winter variety. So maybe that's it?

  3. Boy, I don't know. I lost my 2 front teeth pulling on a Cabbage Patch Doctor's Kit tube that was stuck (I still remember the toy, wow) when I was 6. And seriously? It scarred me for LIFE. I FREAK out when Nate or Toby sticks anything in their mouth (and Nate does it all the time to open packages or pull stuff and OMG IT IS THE WORST) Maybe if I had just broken the teeth it wouldn't be so bad but I was 6 and the blood gushing was a little terrifying.

    I would pull it. But then again that costs money. So I don't know. But I would pull it because he's done it more than once and he clearly knew what could happen. Make sure you emphasize over the next couple of years how your adult teeth are your permanent teeth and if you lose them you are SCREWED (well not really, now they have options, but you know. Scare that kid straight.)