Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chickens, Laptops, and Paint

I didn't write anything last week because it was fall break.  And I wanted to paint!!  I have been soooo sick of the brown.  And I finally found a color I like at ReStore.  I can get 5 gallons of paint there for $30 so I have a hard time getting paint anywhere else, even if I could get perfect matches there.
I went in expecting to get something bright and colorful and came out with something the color of mint ice cream.  It's the color of the base of orange tulips and I fell in love with it.
It looks very grey here.  It's much lighter than this.
I have been pinning picture from a website called Design Seeds for months and planned to keep the tan paint and go with something like this:

I still love that one, but my favorite was the lady bug.
I have brown tiles and didn't think I'd be able to pull it off, but I'm doing it anyway!  So there!!

So that's what my living room is turning into.  The lighter color makes a HUGE difference.  I've been in denial about small homes and light paint color, but now I'm a believer.  Now my problem is finding the right curtains.  I was going to go with redish orange, but it ends up looking like an old lady lives here.  So we'll see what I can find.

Completely switching gears now.  One of my chickens has been soooo sick.  We've had Fortune and Glory for a little over a year now.  Fortune hasn't been laying well all summer.   We figured we were lied to about their age and maybe we were.  Her last egg was VERY brittle and I got worried when I checked the coop Sunday and found her away from all the other chickens looking very listless.  I found what looked like yolk under the roost.  Her vent was pulsing like she was trying to lay or poop and she had diarrhea/egg all over her abdomen.  She looked positively miserable and wouldn't eat or drink.  Her eyes were swollen and her comb had fallen over.  When an egg breaks inside a chicken it is often fatal as it can cause infection and internal bleeding.  We didn't expect her to make it through the night, but she did!  Monday she was even worse.  She could barely walk and spent most of the day lying on the ground.
I spent lots of time on backyardchickens.com seeing what could be done for her.  Her poop had become bright green at this point which they said was from not eating.  I bathed her and kept her clean so flies would leave her alone and we held her and tried to feed her some favorite foods. She finally ate some Quaker cereal Jack gave her and had a little water.  After that she was standing and I gave her a plump, juicy tomato and she practically attacked it!  The morning she has been out grazing with the other girls and while she is still slow, her eyes are bright and her comb is standing up.  We're feeling very hopeful she'll make a full recovery!

We opted for a second laptop (switching gears again) instead of a tablet and I'm glad we did.  Munchkin has preschool online, Jack has latin, typing, and spelling, and I have to submit school work and do primary stuff and check the all important facebook.  One computer is no longer enough.  So we got an open box Asus at Best Buy yesterday for $40 off (yay!!).  They still haven't called us to pick it up yet.  Also, Igloo doesn't have his new smart phone.  So we're feeling annoyed with technology distributors right now.
I'm still a little in shock about just going out and buying a computer, and I'm trying to remind myself the school will reimburse us.  It's still weird though.


  1. Okay, first of all I apologize about not getting back to you about why I love my Kindle fire. But I guess it doesn't matter in the long run because you are getting a computer! But I had a valid excuse...I was 30,000 in the air and was just starting to play on facebook when I wrote that post to you, and then the baby woke up and I had to get back on duty.

    I was fascinated with your chicken feeling sick story. Poor thing.

    Ooo, I love new paint colors! Take a pic of the whole room, please! That way I can pretend I'm there in person, just chatting with you while the kids run around and play. :)

  2. As soon as I clean it up from the mess of painting I will!