Thursday, October 18, 2012

Answered Prayers

Today my prayers were answered fifty fold. We spent much of the night discussing how we would pay for my medicine.  This morning I decided to shop around and see if we could save $20 or so.  I decided to check with my insurance to see if they had any ideas.  They referred me to their pharmacy in SLC that does their mail order drugs.  I called and was told they have an out of pocket cap of $150 for a 90 day supply!!  I almost swore in shock but caught myself, afraid they'd hang up on me and I'd be lost.  So instead of  $1800 I'll be spending $300!  Relief doesn't begin to describe it.  I dare to hope that I can be free of pain now.  Now it may seem like the answer was there all along, but I truly feel like God led me to the answer I needed.
Yesterday was despondency.  Today is hope.  Tomorrow is chocolate.
Also, I have to mention how proud I am of myself. Years ago I would have been in a panicky anxious mess. I cried a lot yesterday, but not even a small panic attack.  Only my husband really knows how huge that is.  So with ridiculous amounts of therapy and plenty of drugs, there's hope for anxiety. :)
A few weeks ago I saw a conversation on a blog (I can't remember whose) about trials. Someone suggested that the idea that God wont give us anything we can't handle doesn't seem true.  One commenter said (wisely) that it was true. God will give us things we can't handle. But He wont give us anything we can't handle without His help.  I am finding this statement to be more and more true for me as time goes on.


  1. What a relief and a blessing! I hope you can find healing soon.

  2. So, so, so, SO HAPPY for you! Thanks for sharing this testimony builder.

  3. Hooray! And dear, will you please tell me about your approaches to dealing with anxiety? I'd love to chat with you sometime, maybe I'll send you a nice chatty e-mail.

    Yay for cures!

  4. I was wondering about the anxiety as well. I've never had a problem with it until this last move and now I'm dealing with minor anxiety attacks every week or so. Weird. If you have any suggestions shoot them my way!