Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer in Pictures

One of my friends who is busier than me did this for a blog post and I liked seeing it so I decided to do the same.

This was Munchkin's last day of gymnastics.  She has a real natural talent for it, just like her brother.  Unfortunately, gym rates are $60+/month per kid.  I read of girls on the Olympic team whose parents spent 6 figures a year on gymnastics training!  So we'll have to find something else for my contortionists.

This picture was just awesome.

In June we took a trip up to Logan to visit granny.  She's pretty awesome.

My new nephew!!  He's adorable and I love my older brother for naming him after our dad.

Since I avoid putting my kids names on here you only get to see part of what I did in Jack's room.  I spelled out his name with the periodic table since he's really into chemistry right now.

The last week of June took us camping to Payson Lakes.  Beautiful.  But a little too busy at the lake.

This is where my husband is great to camp with.  He's really good at making fires.  There's something primitively comforting about having a man who can make fire.

This was our first year marching in the 4th of July Granite parade.  The kids loved it, but got tired toward the end.

I went on lots of garden tours this summer.  My favorite was a home in Orem where the whole yard is converted into food production.  There are boxes going up the house and this picture is of their roof!

Another camping trip.  This time we went up Mirror Lake Drive and found a campsite we loved!  And since we were some of the only people there, I'm keeping it's location a secret!

My dad's favorite place.  I hadn't been here since shortly after he died and it was nice to return again.

The kids being creative in the backyard.

Pretty much the cutest picture ever.

If mom wont buy you lawn chairs, you improvise!!  :)
It wasn't too crazy, but it did seem like there was something every weekend.  It still feels like that!!!  :)

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  1. Such fun pictures of a fun and awesome family. Thanks for sharing them!!