Sunday, September 30, 2012

Crazy Sunday

Today felt a little nuts.  It started with ward council for me at 9am (a meeting for leaders in my church), then my husband had a meeting with the stake at 10:15.  I finished getting the kids ready for church and we headed out where I then made copies and tried to get things together for primary.  While sitting in the pew, I noticed Tumbleweed's leg.  She hurt it yesterday while jumping on falling off the couch and hitting the coffee table.  Within a few minutes it was swollen and hard like a bee sting, but she was walking so I thought nothing of it.  Until Sacrament meeting was about to start today.  The injury now looked like a second degree sunburn and the blisters seemed to be growing right before my eyes.  They were huge!  I've never heard of anything like that.  So after the meeting I set up primary chairs, let the prelude go long, and found the only registered nurse in the ward to see what she thought.
She said sometimes fractures create blisters and it might be broken.  She was complaining about her leg and was pretty fussy, so I had Igloo take her home and put ice on it until I could leave church.  Yep, I had to stay. :(
There's been quite a few Sundays already that both my counselors were gone and it hasn't been too big of a deal.  But today it sucked!
I wanted to take my daughter to Instacare and I couldn't.  I was needed for part of music practice and no one else could fill in.  To top it off, I have a sore throat and was hoping to just stay home today.  It was really frustrating.  I'll stop whining now.  :)
But we had fun in primary.  The kids got to dress me up when they answered a question right.  I had on a crazy dress and accessories, a wig and hat, and mismatched gloves.  The kids were laughing a lot and it was fun.  I've never left the church so fast though.  I went home and grabbed my girl to get an xray.
blister and swelling 
 The main blister had popped but there were other small ones around it.  Like a second degree burn with swelling.  The doctor took a look at her and told me that little kids with broken legs don't walk and she was walking just fine.  But I asked him to xray it anyway.  He did and found no break. So we both puzzled over why her leg looked like it did.  He insisted she must have been stung by a wasp or something.  I insisted she hit her leg on the table corner and this was the wound.  Finally he said, "It just looks like her leg is having some kind of allergic reaction."
And then it hit me. Duh!  "She has urticaria pigmentosa.  Would her mast cells release a lot of histamine with this kind of trauma?"
So since I get a few UP parents looking at my blog occasionally I figured I'd post some pictures and write about it.
Urticaria Pigmentosa 24 hours after injury
Urticaria Pigmentosa blister
Before this, the only injuries she's ever had were abrasions, and those looked like other kids scrapes.  But bruises might be a different story, we'll see how future injuries react.  And she's never had blisters with UP, just hivey red spots.  So, if you're child has UP and gets an injury that does this, save yourself some money and get out the Benadryl. :)

Back to my life. Primary Program script is finished!!!  I'm taking a leave of absence from church! ;-)


  1. Pass the candy, Bishop!

    Sorry about her leg. How scary. Good thinking with the UP. Mothers and doctors work well together. :)

  2. Our primary pres. had almost every single senior primary kid write his or her own part. It was cool.

    We also had a few" Noah only brought two of each animal onto the ark" moments in the program, where Josh leaned over and said, "THAT'S not in the scriptures as I remember it"

    Love you and your crazy bunch!