Sunday, June 3, 2012


May started off wonderfully with a dump truck backing into my driveway and the next few weeks hauling wheelbarrows of dirt.

I also got to meet my awesome nephew whom I've never seen before.  That was cool too.

Shortly after the month began I received a distressing (to say the least) phone call from a beloved family member.  I don't care to go into details, and I've been trying to find an example to equate it to.  And my mind draws a blank.  They're making some life choices that affect everyone around them and all I can do is just love this family member and I'm not sure how that will work when I don't support what they are doing. And it has deeply affected me.  The next day I went to talk to my ecclesiastical leader who gave comfort and then added to my stress.  He called me to be the Primary President.
For those not of my faith, he was asking me to be in charge of all the children 18mo to 12 years old in our church.  It's a huge assignment.  And everyone thinks I'm crazy for saying yes.  But I gladly said yes. I knew that this really was a call from God and it came exactly when I needed it to.
And I knew it was the Lord's way of strengthening me to deal with this trial.  I am humbled and awed at how He works in our lives.

My mother, meanwhile is seriously dating.  It's good and cool.  But stressful.

The pine wood derby had drama involving parents who don't see any problem with winning at all costs and ended up with my between caught between a rock and hard place and having to compromise my own integrity for the sake of one boy.  A boy who really needs scouting in his life.  That was hard.
And then my grandma almost died (internal bleeding. colon removed.  Stable now.)

So I had written May off.  One of the hardest ever.

And then a miracle happened.

I got to begin and end the month with nephews.  My newest nephew was born four days ago and named for my father.  And suddenly everything that felt so stressful and difficult didn't matter so much.  Because I had one of those glimpses of eternity.  And I saw my family together and healthy and no distressed anything.  And suddenly May became the month I became stronger.  It was that month in my life where I truly began to rely on the Lord.
And today I officially became the primary president and I am EXCITED!!  I was scared and nervous and feeling inadequate, but this past week I simply felt peace.  I love the kids at church, even the difficult ones (just don't ask me about the parents :wink:) and get to serve with some awesome ladies.  I'm ready June.  And I know I can handle whatever you bring.

(I honestly don't know what will happen to this blog.  I hope I have time for it, because I love blogging.  But we'll see.  I hope you come back occasionally.)

UPDATE:  My cousin was kind enough to remind me that the water main at our rental also broke in May.  You know, just in case you didn't think I had enough stress.  There really was more. :)


  1. I was just called as Primary President 2 weeks ago - amid some of the worst stress of my life! Are we living in parallel universes?

    I hope that June is wonderful.

  2. yeah...may was full of suck. June needs to be better, or someone is gonna die.

  3. So glad things are going better!

  4. I can't think of a better person to run the Primary organization. Seriously. You are perfect for that calling. I'd happily be one of your teachers or counselors!! Sorry May was tough. But you are one tough cookie. You got this. :)