Saturday, May 5, 2012

Backyard Timeline

We have done A LOT since we bought our home.  We started with a blank slate and had a vision of being able to feed ourselves from our own little bit of land.

Four years ago.
Three years ago.
Break for baby.

Last year.
Last week.
Tomorrow (I hope), you'll get to see how it looks now.  I think it's awesome.  And we're not done yet.  I'll explain everything in the next post.
Oh and can I just say how great it is to finally have our own ladder!!  We've lived here four years and always borrowed from neighbors.  Now I can finally take pictures of the whole yard from the roof!! :)


  1. Wait...WHAT?! Are you telling me that *we* had a ladder before you guys? That just seems wrong. :)

    1. They're expensive!! Plus we had no way to get it home since we were in a sedan. We were really blessed. Our next door neighbors moved to an apartment and gave us a Little Giant.