Monday, April 23, 2012


Know why I haven't blogged?
It's spring.  And I'm in my yard working like crazy.
Because I don't have room for food storage.  So I am growing my food storage.
Also I have field bindweed and I have to weed every day.  Sometimes 3,000 times a day.  I was taken to task this weekend for referring to it as "morning glory" because, well, everyone calls it that.  I know it's not really morning glory, but no one knows what field bindweed is.
This is morning glory.  It's an annual.  I don't hate it.
This is field bindweed.  It grows from the bowels of hell and feeds Satan's minions.  It is evil in it's purest form.
  But those poor little morning glory flowers are getting a bad rap so now you've had your horticulture lesson for the day.

Currently I am asking just about everyone I know for grass clippings.  I am smothering weeds and composting like a madwoman.  I cannot get enough.  Wood chips would be better, but I will take what I can get!  I even carted my mower 3 blocks to mow a friend's yard.  She's pregnant and her hubby is out of town so I got tons!  Yay!
I have begun looking at plants differently.  I bought mint.  Yes, invasive mint.  Know why?  #1 to choke out the morning glory (at least I can make tea with mint!) and #2 BIOMASS.  I look at plants in terms of how much compost I can get from it.  I'm excited for my food forests to take shape (it'll be a few years still) and I know having a good compost will help more than anything.  So I'm really geeking out on it.
Also, we're thinking of putting in a sidewalk to our front step.  Any readers have any experience with that?  I've poured concrete for fence posts, but that doesn't have to look pretty.  I'm a little nervous to do this.

ps- check out my new babies:
Besides their absolutely insane cuteness, know why I'm excited for them?
That's right.  Chicken poop=biomass.  :-)


  1. BIO-MASS! You should write an opera about it. That would be fun.

    Some smart person planted mint in his community garden plot and it's in every untended plot now. And all around the edges.

    You're a brave woman!

    1. See now that's what you don't do. Not when they're such small enclosed spaces :( The secret is heavy mulching around the mint. Works at a community permaculture garden in SLC so I'm hoping it will work in my yard too.