Friday, March 23, 2012

Reset: Kid Bedroom

I opted to only do my daughters' room today.  Jack's room is pretty clean and we went through things when we painted.  Plus I need to do his closet organizer still.

Not bad.

This room wasn't too bad.  I felt burnt out yesterday, but today I had a lot more energy to do this room and I'm so glad I paced myself.  I ended up with time to make some nice improvements.  Here's the before.  The worst part was the giant box of clothes on the dresser (left).  Luckily I found out last night my neighbor is expecting a girl and wanted the clothes.  That was easy!

First thing in any bedroom: make the beds.  Also, opening the windows helps things feel better.  (5 minutes)
 I struggled knowing where to start in this room after I made the beds.  Should I clean the floor?  Under the beds?  Dresser or bookcase?  Should I even do the bookcase?  So I made a list and that really helped.  On the list I added things I wanted to declutter/minimize another day: blankets, books, shelves, toys. I opted to do the dresser first and then the shelf above it.
 The pink tote had clothes I'm saving for a church clothing exchange.  I love donating to that, but it isn't until August and I really don't have a good spot for it.  So for now it stays on the dresser.  I really tried to put items in their proper place.  I also moved some of my girl clothes out of the pink tote and into the box.  Dresser tops: 10 minutes.
 Next was the long shelf.  It used to be in my kitchen but when we redid things there wasn't a spot for it.  So it went into their bedroom.  This is the catchall box I have in their room.  Whenever there's something random lying around it goes in here.  It's supposed to be cleaned out weekly, but it's been at least a month.
 I usually get out the major boxes that hold the toys and set them near the basket.  Then I just start sorting.  This took about 15 minutes.
 Each girl gets a box that can hold little random things they love.  Once it gets full we clean it out together and they can help choose what stays.
 I moved a roll of paper from the small bookshelf near Munchkin's bed and now the shelf looks like this.  A little better.  But I'm not convinced I want to keep it.
 At this point things are looking good.  It's functional.  But I've only put in 30 minutes and I have the energy for more.  I gave myself 60 more minutes since we had gymnastics after that.  One of the new problems was stuffed animals.  I made a container for them last week but it needed to be hung on a wall, so I decided to do that.
Beforehand, there were two spice rack shelves on the wall.  I moved one
 and put the animal cage in its place.  Likey.
 Another problem was too many books.  I had them just sitting on the bookshelf ready to fall off.  Plus, I don't like that bookshelf anyway.
 So I decided a book purging was in order.  I sorted all the books into categories: nonfiction, classics, baby books, early readers, favorite picture books, and books I didn't like.
I took the ones that fit on this shelf and put them away.  The rest would go either into and under the bed tote, or on the spice racks.
 All that was left were the books to get rid of.  I ditched anything I didn't actually enjoy reading.  We had a lot of books that were just plain poorly written (yeah, I'm looking at you Disney) or no longer interested anyone.  Munchkin didn't want to let any go and was getting sad so I told her she could choose four to keep since that's how old she is.  It worked!  The rest are outta here!  Hanging the cage and sorting books took a little less than an hour.  It was timed perfectly.  I could have lived with how it was, but since I had the energy, I did more.  Now I primed to go through the toys!
 Looking good eh?  I LOVE this room without that eyesore bookshelf next to the bed.  And the spice racks really do look cute!  Thanks Pinterest!!!
Okay, now it's your turn!  If you feel like doing a house reset and want to show us your before and after pics and your time, join up!  I hope it works!


  1. My boys would LOVE little bookshelves like that by their beds. When I actually organize and decorate their room, I just might try that.

    1. You're gonna hate this...they're from IKEA. Don't blame me, blame Pinterest! ;) They're just spice racks though. I bet you could find some anywhere.

    2. You people with your close IKEAs! My closest one is 317 miles away. When/if we go to Utah this year I am SO spending a whole day in IKEA (I'll even eat there) and I'm renting a trailer to bring all my treasures home. Then my house will be as cute as yours. And when people come visit me and say, "Oh, your house is so cute....Where ever did you buy that?" I'll laugh evilly......IKEA!!!!!

  2. Oooh! Love this idea, and that you posted before and after pics! BOOYEAH for you!! Awesome!! Wanted to validate you after all that hard work since I just went through like 7 previous posts and got all excited about cleaning/organizing. Today's organizing/decluttering at my house purged random things on food shelves that will probably stay there for 12 more years because it was the wrong kind or nobody liked it and there was another box, etc. Into a bag to donate. And among it I found my husband's favorite yukky smelling German licorice. That's bittersweet happiness!! haah!