Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jack's Room

Soon after we bought our house, Jack's room was painted big boy blue.  He was three and a half and he wanted something any three year old would love: the ocean.  With a volcano!  We did ocean and sky all over his room with some fish and a volcano thrown in for good measure.
I have a tidy 7 year old boy.  Envy me.
And for some reason I gave into his request to let him paint the fish for the mural.  It never materialized.  Lesson learned.  Anyway, here's how it looked in various stages (at one point the kids all shared a room and this became the play room).
pictures from when it was the play room
playroom storage area.  It wasn't a good idea and didn't last long.  But you can see the volcano behind everything.
Four years later he wants something "cool".  I want something I wont need to paint again for at least 4 years.  So we went to the paint store and agreed on a light grey color

It looks darker because of the window light. 
It's true what they say about light colors making a room feel bigger.  And while I'll never go back to "apartment white" -you know that dirty whitish color that seems to dominate most apartments-, I am getting sold on the idea of lighter colors.
The plan is to add some stencils if I can find anyone with a Cricut machine (anyone?) and to change the mural once I get the spring gardening done.  I'm REALLY excited to do this mural.  At first I was thinking a Periodic Table since he's really into physics right now, but that would be a LOT of tedious work. So I went to Pinterest to get ideas.  I liked this one (since he also likes geography:

But then I found this an knew it would be perfect!

We introduced him to Calvin and Hobbes last fall and he really wants a Calvin and Hobbes mural now.  Deep Breath. I think I can do this!  Something like this would be easy with only a handful of colors needed.  We're still deciding exactly which one to do and combing through the books to find the right one.
I'm in the process of doing Jock's closet as well.  It's slow going because of the nice spring weather (I'm outside most of the day now), but I've already been able to eliminate the need for one bookcase.  I'm torn about the one on the right above.  It's not fancy or nice or anything, but my grandpa built it for me when I was a little girl.  I'd love to get to where each child only has a bed and a dresser as room furniture, but it's hard to let go of sentimental stuff.  If you've been able to do it, let me know what you did!


  1. Oooh getting rid of sentimental things is hard. Can I say here: huge stack of BYU tshirts for example. I know, I know, there's the people who make quilts, but that wasn't materializing and I just kept dragging them from one apartment to the next- with other things I no longer wore , but my mom made it, etc. You get the picture. Finally, I took pictures and let them go :) Liberating to have space--- or they've been given to someone I like, or they've just been repurposed. Like the spoon rack I've had since I was 5 I think. I spray painted it black to match the decor, and don't feel emotionally torn about it being "junk" since it now has a more beautiful purpose. (Wasn't sure which shelf you meant-- if it was the one with no sides and back, you could cut it (i know) into separate end tables to be next to bedsides. (?) Good luck!

    1. I have some of those projects...I give myself a year and if I haven't done anything by then I get rid of it. Because I'll never do it at that point.

  2. Love Calvin and Hobbs! I am excited to see what you come up with. When I have a house someday you should come paint murals in my kids rooms :)!!!
    I have a can come to Reno anytime to use it :). (but seriously if you come camping near Tahoe, you better tell me and we'll join you!)
    I have that sentimental problem too..right now I am storing in our little boys room the hope chest, full size cradle (you know the one), the same bookshelf/cabinet thing, and finally moved the doll cradle into Madison's room-she wasn't old enough to not get in it herself until recently! If only I knew what to do with all of them. Luckily he is still in a crib so his room doubles as storage-for now...not for long though-he's a climber. I am currently in the middle of building a bunk bed to store outgrown baby clothes on top, that will free up some closet space, but I really don't know what to do with all the beautifully crafted grandpa wood-work furniture. (sigh)
    Miss you! Love you and love your updates!

    1. I know!! I think when grandpa goes I might just see if anyone out there wants take some of the furniture. I'm keeping the jewelry box. I LOVE that.
      We're talking of camping at Lobdell lake which is like...4 hours I think from Reno.

  3. I have a cricut, but it won't help you with Calvin and Hobbes. My little brother and his wife are doing a Calvin and Hobbes mural in their nursery (they are naming the kid Calvin). They picked the picture they wanted, blew it up, then rented a projector from the library to project it on the wall so they could just trace it.
    Good luck! Take pictures of the project.

    1. Yeah, if ONLY I could get a giant stencil for the mural. I want to write out his name with it is all. I might have to look more into how those machines are used. They look like fun!

  4. I agree with Katie, the easiest way to do the wall would be to rent an old school projector, and get a copy place to put the picture you want on transparency.

    I would suggest getting your paints from sample paints at the hardware store, they have little tubs from Behr and Martha Stewart that are only $3 each, and they will tint them to match any color you want. That's how I did the mural in my basement playroom.

    I think handmade furniture from grandparents is more of an heirloom than a sentimental souvenir, so I'd hang onto it. But if you do decide to get rid of it, I highly recommend asking relatives if they want it first, especially those who were too young to have Grandpa make them anything. You should try to keep it in the family, because family would value it and pass it down the family line, rather than using it a couple years and ditching it.

    I am really excited to see the calvin and hobbs room!

  5. That really does come across as me giving those to just anyone, huh? NO! I meant anyone in the family, sorry. I just have 5 pieces from him and some of them are quite large. I love having furniture with meaning, but I have to be practical too, you know. :)

  6. I was going to suggest the projector too. You can borrow ours if you want. Get the image you want on the computer, then hook up the computer to the projector.