Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Feel Loved

Wanna see what my husband found for me??
Now I know how the rest of you girls feel when your husband buys you flowers.  He brought home 10 pallets so we expanded our single compost bin into 3!  We decided to cut about 18" off the pallets so they would be level with the old compost bin and they could be side by side.  Now I have a triple compost system made from pallets (and reclaimed wood for the old one)  If you don't turn your compost it takes about 2 years for it to decompose.  I'm fine with that.  I keep adding to our bin though, so in the middle it looks great, but it never gets completely done. Problem solved!  Right to left is incoming, 2nd year composting, then finished.  Ta da!  Also, it works as a fence to keep vermin kids and chickens out of the garden.While we were redoing things I moved the old compost into the chicken run
See how level my girls have made it?  Honestly, you could throw in a pile of straw and they'll make it level within minutes.  Once the weather warms back up I'll move the more decomposed stuff into the middle bin and the larger stuff into the right bin.  Speaking of my girls, some of my neighbors have expressed interest in buying their eggs!!  So cool!  It might be time to get more chickens :)
With the remaining pallets, my kids built a fort.  I'm a little jealous.
Want a cool way to attach pallets AND reuse garbage?  Of course you do!  
Check it out, we use old wire hangers to connect them together and I can't believe how sturdy they are.  I chose to use deck screws (because I have 200 million) for the compost bins, but this would work too.
I actually feel like the garden and yard are coming together this year.  I'm so excited!!!


  1. WHAT. I wish my husband would bring me pallets! (No seriously. I really want to play with some of the Pinterest pallet ideas I've found.)

  2. Yeah, SO COOL! Nice job, hubs. Love the fort. AWESOME!