Friday, March 2, 2012

Electric Bikes

My leg isn't broken.  I have a contusion (bone bruise) on my tibia with internal bleeding which basically means it will hurt like (expletive) for a few more weeks and then take up to 9 months to fully heal.
So looks like losing weight from running is out.  Hello, bike!
We live a little less than 2 miles from Igloo's work.  Nice, right?  Well, the payoff is we live in 900 square feet.  Don't forget that.
Anyway... We always talk about him biking or walking to work since we're fairly set on being a one car family.  Sometimes I fantasize about being a no car family.  I find that more freeing than owning a car and then ensuing funneling away of cash that comes with that.  I know I wont convert you to that idea.  With young kids who go to doctors for crazy diseases I'm not fully converted either.
Problem being, he has to be there at 5:30 am.  No buses that early and it gets pretty darn cold most of the year.
So I'm looking at electric bikes.  Because the whole commute is uphill.  And no one wants to show up to work covered in sweat, right?

Lots of sites to choose from.  Since it's only 3 miles/day it's hard to drop money on a REALLY good bike.    Probably worth it though.  Do you have an electric bike?
I wonder how the kits do??
For myself?  I'm still drooling over one of these:
(insert dreamy sigh here)


  1. If you're looking for a bike that will be a good fit for a small house, you should check out Montague folding bikes. I got one last year when I moved to a smaller apartment.
    And I know you can do electric conversions on them too - mine is just a regular bike, but the shop where I got mine told me they could make it electric if I wanted.

  2. It's really less than 2 miles? Huh. Always thought it was way more when I walked or ran. Gotta be the uphill that makes it seem so long. :)

  3. The people riding the bikes in that picture look so delighted!

    We are a one car (van) family too. Well, hubby has a motorcycle also. But, he needs that for his part-time job as a motorcycle safety instructor. It's very cost efficient & he doesn't ride nearly as much as he did in his younger days.

    We're also blessed that we live very close to his full-time job. It's right down the road...not even 1/2 a mile, more like a 1/4 so he walks everyday.

    I'm interested to see if you end up getting one those bikes!

  4. I want to get one of those bikes really bad! My husband's work is only 2 miles away but he doesn't want to show up at work sweaty. Wuss. And it's uphill on the way back. So maybe this summer. Decisions, decisions.