Saturday, February 25, 2012


Just in case you were keeping track, I planted broccoli, leeks, and swiss chard.


You can't tell from the picture, but I planted "Bright Lights" and even the sprouts are multicolored!

These sprouted about 5 days after planting and no heat mat!!  I wish the leek seed packet said anything, but one of my books says onions can take 2 weeks to germinate so I will continue to wait for them.  

So far it's been sunny enough I've been putting them outside every day.  I should have thought better of that today though because it was a stressful night and I left them out there in very windy 35 degree weather.  Some of the broccoli are wilting now.  oops. Guess I'll see how they look in the morning.  

Future plans: I'm about 10 weeks from my last frost date.  On Monday I plan to start some sage and parsley.  In 2 weeks I'll start my tomato and pepper seeds.  I haven't even thought about what varieties I want to do.  Historically I've been at the whim of the garden center, but this year I declare my emancipation!!
What's your favorite breed of tomato?


  1. Awesome!!!

    2 questions - thoughts on indoor herb gardens? I feel like I spend so much money on herbs and would love to enjoy them year round.

    Also what should I do about the fact that my fruit trees are already budding? Think they'll be okay?

    You are amazing!

    1. I love indoor herb gardens!! Your kitchen probably gets enough sunlight (6 hours is best) or do your trees shade your window? I've done basil, rosemary, and thyme inside. Oh, and do lettuce. It's so easy and so yummy year round and grows great in window sills.
      Hard to say on the fruit trees. If they're only buds (like mine) we're still ok. It has to get below 20 and even then it probably wont damage all of them. It's when they blossom we have to worry. I'm nervous for April and May!
      ps-it's pruning time!!