Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pirates in Bethlehem

(some of you may have already seen this on Facebook.  But since I use my blog for our family journal, I wanted to add it here)
I picked Munchkin up from Primary (kids sunday school) last week and she was the last kid there.  She was sitting on the floor playing with her toy dinosaur.  How'd she sneak that past me!!?
She said, "Mommy!  We learned about Baby Jesus; and I'm a pirate!"
"A pirate, huh?", I replied give a wondering look to her teacher.
Her teacher, a substitute, then went on to tell me that the lesson was about the nativity story.  A little bit into the lesson my offspring asked where the pirates were.

You know, the pirates in the story of Jesus's birth.  Aren't there pirates in your Bible?

This child is going to grow up to be a lawyer because somehow she manged to convince her teacher to let some of them be pirates as they acted out the story.

She also manged to somehow add dinosaurs to the animals in stable.

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