Friday, February 10, 2012


Someone recently told me of a friend who made money blogging.  "Well what's her blog about?" I asked.  "Just her life."  Really?  And that makes money?
So I'm doing a what the heck experiment and added some monetization stuff to my blog.  Just to see.
I'm honestly feeling torn up inside.
Am I selling out?  Am I promoting consumption which is something I'm opposed to?  Is it okay if it's stuff I already bought?  I could think about it long enough and bring on a total panic attack.  But I'm letting it go.  Because I'm not creative.  I can't use Photoshop.  And I have a degree in history.  I have very little to offer the world in the way of marketable skills.
But I do have a blog.
And I like blogging.  I wish I blogged more.
For now my attempts at grand riches consists of google ads and my new Amazon store.  I'm actually excited about the Amazon store because I'm a big Amazon fan.  Amazon. Amazon.  Have you seen the word often enough yet?  They got enough money from me at Christmas time, I think it's time to give back!
I love my amazon prime.  If $80 sounds steep, get some other people to go in on it with you since you can add 2 others as guests.  I split mine 3 ways with family so it's only $27!
Everything in my store is stuff I would tell you to go out and buy anyway.  And I promise to keep all my opinions my own.  I really should do more reviews, but sometimes it seems like too much work to say, "hello internet, I blogged today."
Why am I even doing this?  Dave Ramsey.  I skimmed the book a couple of years ago and listen to him on the radio sometimes.  We haven't had any debt for a while, but we also haven't had any savings and I finally decided something needs to change.  So I'm reading his book The Total Money Makeover and getting fired up.   I want my 3-6 months savings!!!  I want to pay off my house!!

See what I did there?  If you click on that link to buy the book I get money.  Sweet huh?  Here's the thing though.  I really like the book.  I might buy it.  But I don't see it as one I'll be referencing all the time.  Just write down the baby steps and there you go.  It's a library book.  Check it over every year or so to keep fired up.
See, I'll still try to get you to save money, I promise.
So if you enjoy my blog and feel inclined to buy something you see in my store or a link, then please buy it through me!  Why not!  I'll let you know if the experiment works.  Maybe your blog can make money.  It'd probably make more than mine, ha!  Tell me if it does; it'll give me a warm fuzzy.


  1. What a great idea to split the Prime! I should do that. We are considering the Kindle Fire and I have family members that are already on Prime. Niiiiiice.

  2. I hadn't thought about splitting Prime. Genius.

    I monetize all Toby's YouTube videos. I haven't made anything but there's a possibility there :)

  3. The only thing with splitting is the guests don't get instant video, just free shipping. There's not much offered yet anyway though....