Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Munchkin!!

4 years ago today.  It was my worst pregnancy.  So much throwing up and then a heart condition.  And then I got to meet the perfect baby who would sleep through the night at six week and hardly cry and then turn into the most challenging toddler with multiple daily tantrums.  Now the tantrums are occasional and the rest has morphed into an imagination JM Barrie would be jealous of.  This child makes my heart laugh and scream; sometimes at the same time.  Today is my little munchkin's birthday.  I. Love. This. Kid.
 So. Much.
This past year has been crazy with doctor visits.  But it's also been awesome!  This kid cracks me up so much.  She has the mind of a lawyer and comes up with lots of good arguments for getting her way.  And if she doesn't, she lifts her chin, gets huffy, and looks away from you.
She always talks about being a mother.  Sometimes she'll mention being a scientist or something having to do with dinosaurs, but this girl's favorite thing is being a mother to her toys.  And 90% of the time she wants to be a mother when she grows up.
Munchkin LOVES to sing.  Recently we signed her up for Sunshine Singers and she really enjoys it.  She learns music very quickly and still makes up little songs that she'll only sing if she thinks she's alone.
She is overflowing with self confidence, but gets upset if you ever compliment her.  She doesn't like to be told she's smart or beautiful or anything like that, but she does like when we notice something she does well, like, "you cleaned your room so well today!"
"Yes I did.  Thank you."  Will be the calm reply.
It's an interesting dichotomy.  She comes across as very self assured, but is evidently easily embarrassed.  I just love seeing all her different layers coming together as she grows up.
Today for her birthday she got to have gluten free waffles!  She loves waffles and was so excited to have special ones just for her.
She got a new (to her) bike(!), a stroller for her babies, and some plastic jewelry from her brother.
I've been sewing late at night to make her new clothes for her dolls.  Obviously I'm feeling like mom of the year since she loves those clothes.
We went to Pizza Pie Cafe with grandma for dinner.  Since grandma is munchkins favorite person in the whole, it kind of made her day.  Thanks again, mom!!  We've missed going there, but recently learned they have gluten free pizza.  I had a gluten free cake mix, but really didn't feel like baking (been feeling under the weather), so again we took her to Sweet Tooth Fairy for a cupcake.  You guessed it, gluten free.  Thank you!!!  to all those businesses that are giving those with wheat issues options.  It means so much to us.

Not like it matters that much though since she only ate the frosting.  That was some pretty expensive frosting!
Grandma got major points today by giving munchkin a stuffed pteranodon.  She LOVES dinosaurs.  oops, I'm sorry pteranodons are pterosaurs, not dinosaurs.  Thank you Dinosaur Train.

Incidentally, I'm still not convinced she has to avoid gluten forever or anything.  I'm researching things like kefir and live yeast to see if they might work for her.  But for now, wheat free has been worth it.

I'm so grateful to have this little girl in my life.  She's such a great sister and truly a joy to have around.  Can't wait to see what's she's like in another 4 years.  I'm one lucky mama!!!

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  1. She's just too adorable. I can't believe she's already 4. Has it really been that long?!