Thursday, February 9, 2012

3am, Puke, & Dinosaur Train

We haven't seen any PFAPA fevers for months.  I've been thinking we were done with it, but now I'm not sure.  Munchkin has the mouth sores and the fever that went from normal to 104.9 in 30 minutes.  But she was also sniffly, so I didn't give her the prednisone-I wanted to wait and see is anything else happened.  I gave her ibuprofen and it lowered to 103.5 and then went back up to 106 an hour later.  Now she's throwing up.  I tried giving her prednisone, but it came back up 30 minutes later.  She hasn't thrown up in a while and is hanging around a comfortable 104 (everything is relative, right?) so we're hanging out and watching dinosaur train on Netflix.  Dinosaurs are the new bugs around here.
She looks so pale.
Is it PFAPA or something else??  Really wish I knew.
I can hear Tumbleweed crying in her sleep from her room.  She has been waking up again.  Sometimes she'll go back to sleep, but I have a feeling she'll be out here within 20 minutes.

Jack asked me to get up with him at 5:30 today and I hate to let him down, but oh goodness I'm going to be tired!  I've heard Februarys are hard for homeschoolers and Jack is no exception.  I've decided it's not worth getting angry and threatening when he doesn't do his school work.  He knows the consequences and has lost privileges the last 2 days for not finishing.  There were a lot of tears today when he wasn't able to play his game (Terraria) again, but I think the lesson is starting to sink in.  You have to work to get paid.

Igloo suggested we treat school like a job.  Every day he finishes say, before noon, he earns vacation time.  Since I don't believe in summers off from school, I think this approach might really work for us.  And here comes tumbleweed, tumbling down the hallway.  Munchkin's poor eyes have grown heavy.  I hope she sleeps.  I hope I sleep!


  1. Oy. Good luck today. Sounds like one of those days that deserves an icy cold beverage at 2pm. You know, Dr. Pepper. Diet will work too. :)

  2. Sorry lady :( I wish I could help. Actually I could help, if you want me to come down and do anything for you I am more than happy to. We have no lives up here in Draper, see.

    Toby likes the idea of Dinosaur Train but if I turn it on for him he doesn't watch it. He prefers SuperWhy and WordWorld. The big deal in our house right now is the LeapFrog movies which are on Netflix too (not Phonics Farm. We hate Phonics Farm.) Another one that is okay in small doses is "FreshBeat Band," it's kind of cute. It teaches (kind of) about music and stuff.

  3. I can't get over the fact that the kids in the FreshBeat Band aren't related and all live together--so that's a no go in our house. Does that bother anybody else?

    My kids have been going for the Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep on Netflix lately.

    And I'm so sorry about the fever. And the puking.

    And Igloo has a great idea--in our house the rule is "we work before we play" but quantifying it is a great idea.

  4. You guys are so sweet!
    I've never even heard of Fresh Beat Band. I'll have to look into that more and see if it bugs me. It probably will.
    Right now I'm watching Dick Van Dyke which is fairly harmless except for the amount of smoking on the show. Makes for good conversations with the kids though. Crazy what kind of things can be taught over tv. I suppose that's an idea for another post, right?