Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter, Winter, Go Away

The last few weeks around here have been heaven! 40 degrees outside and sunny and lovely.  My kids were upset about having a green Christmas, but I was able to work in the yard a lot and finish some things I neglected to do in the fall.  2 days before the new year I used up all the gas in my mower mulching leaves.  Yup, I had the mower out in December!!
Then it snowed last week and we were all excited at first and now everyone is asking when winter will be over.  We were spoiled!  I Really, really, really want to start seeds indoors this year though to help pass the time.  I only have another month before I need to get started.  Crazy!
Jack is having a rough time getting back into schooling.  I keep threatening him with sending him back to brick and mortar school and then he screams, "no! no!  I'll do it!"  So funny.  He's excited to do 3rd grade math and says it's his favorite subject.  I'm so glad we decided to homeschool so he could do math at his own pace.  Last year was really frustrating for him.  I'm on the wait list for 2 charter schools that do part time home school and part time in school.  The hardest part about this has been being away from friends so I think an option like that would be perfect for us.  I hope we get in!!!
Munchkin has been heavily exercising her imagination.  She has been a dog for 4 days now and is mad at me because I wont get her a pet dragon.  She is always amazing us with her drawing and I really wish I knew what to do with that.  No one has art classes for 3 year olds.  She doesn't look like she'll be an early reader like her brother, but she can sit for 2 hours looking at books and making up the stories.  She still sings all the time and has recently become interested in dance.  I'm trying to work the budget for Jack to continue with gymnastics and Munchkin to do dance.  We'll see.
Tumbleweed is no longer my baby and I'm having a really tough time with that.  She's starting to wean and part of me doesn't want to let her and keep going for 4 more months.  But I don't have much milk these days and I also want to let her take the lead.  So hard to let go of some things!  She's also getting very interested in using the potty.  That part I am SO ready for!  I amazed by her vocabulary!  It's totally normal for a 19 month old, but since Munchkin barely talked til she was 27 months, it seems amazing to me.  She's also sleeping through the night!!  Did I tell you?  It's been over a month, but we discovered she'll sleep a full 10 hours if she's on the couch.  She just hates her bed.  Hallelujah!  I'll take it!
I finally decided to drop K12 so now I'm busy finding my own curriculum and lesson plans.  I ordered a language arts book that should come tomorrow and that will help a lot.  I've also been sewing doll clothes for Munchkin's upcoming birthday.  It's a pain, but I like seeing the finished product and using up my fabric scraps!
Here are the dresses I made the girls for Christmas
If you know me well, you know how much I detest Disney princesses and might be shocked to see these.  Well, there's a reason they are green and yellow :)  The thing is, even though she doesn't really know any of the Disney ones, Munchkin really loves princesses and I don't want her to feel like that's bad.  And of course I was thrilled when she put on the dress and declared herself, "Princess Fala.  The princess of science!"  It was a lot of fun to make them and the girls have been really happy with them.
I have to admit part of me really enjoys winter because I get a break from outside work and have time to sew and knit and all that fun stuff :)


  1. Those dresses are darling! Well done!

  2. What a sweet photo, and I LOVE the dresses! Nice work! Sorry about the snow. You know you have an open invitation to visit me, right?! :)

  3. You've been keeping busy! I love that she called herself Princess Fala - princess of science.

  4. You crack me up. The Princess of Science! Your kids are amazing.

    I've been investigating Suzuki today. Delightfully interesting stuff, really.

    Keep fighting the good fight!