Saturday, July 9, 2011

It Doesn't Get More Exciting Than This

I just saw these and had to post this.  Right now.  Because my husband and I watched it with our mouths open and drool collecting on the laptop.  Because they are Just. That. Awesome!  Watch it and squeal with joy like we did (it helps if you pretend you're rich!)

I want! I want! I want!  You know they're ridiculously expensive when they don't even list the price on the website.  You have to request a quote (yeesh!).  After doing some internet perusing, it looks like a the beds average $5000!  Ouch!  So none of us real people can afford it, but I'm still happy someone invented this stuff.  (waiting for IKEA knockoffs!)
I want this one:
Because it also does this:

It's a sofa!  It's a bed!  It's storage too!
You know how people buy expensive things and want to show them off?  "Come see my 98" plasma 3D diamond studded costs-more-than-my-car TV!"  I want to buy one of these and have a party where we just watch modular furniture go up and down.  They even have bunk beds!!!  And the coffee table that turns into a dining table (yours for only $1500!)!!  We'll eat snacks then put our feet up!  I love whoever thought of this stuff!!!  I need more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!

Go check out the website.  It's so much fun!
And just think, after you sell your firstborn to buy it, you'll have one less bed to get!


  1. Sweet! This furniture is so cool! And the pricetag makes more sense if you think of it as the man explained it; instead of paying $100,000 for an extra room use furniture to have multi-purpose rooms.

  2. That is AWESome!! So innovative. Have you guys ever seen the Korean guy on the TED youtube videos who lives in a really really small space, but the walls are on sliders and everything slides to make a new space. It is SUPER amazing. I totally dig this sort of thing and could peruse catalogs or watch commercials about it for weeks on end.