Thursday, June 23, 2011


It's hitting me hard folks.
I've never lived anywhere as long as we have lived here.  And just when it feels like things are coming together, I want to go.
So does Igloo.  We can't agree where though.  He wants Michigan and I want Arizona.
Isn't this view from my house gorgeous though?  Love those mountains!
Anyone who has ever lived in Utah will tell you it's hard.  Having spent seven years in Provo (off and on), we're feeling burnt out.
And I don't want to do anything but look for farms in Iowa.  It's just hard to stay motivated and on top of the housework.  How do you get over that?  I'm looking at you Mandy who hated coming back here for grad school.  Was it because there was an end in sight?
So I'm looking at vacations (unfortunately they have to wait until next year).  Everything from San Diego (via AZ to visit friends and family) to Ohio to also visit family.  Maybe having that goal to work toward will help.
What do people do when they feel this way?


  1. Um, basically lie around in a depressed funk for a while, and then go spend way too much money on something to update my house. Ha. Oh wait. That's not funny.

    But seriously, I feel this way constantly. Con.stantly. Because I lived in London in 2005. And it's been SIX. YEARS. since I stepped off British soil. And for SIX. YEARS. I have been trying, daydreaming, praying, obsessing about getting back there.

    Permanently. But I'll even take a visit at this point.

    little vacations help, sometimes. Sigh. Good luck. I have the wanderlust too. We've lived in the same house for 2 years now and that's the longest I've lived somewhere since...2004. My mom is dying because they've been in the same house in Provo for the last 8 years - but she is being stupid about it and letting their house go to short sale because she wants to move so bad. (To Lindon. Not a big move there.) Don't be stupid. That's why we are not in England yet - we're trying to do it the smart way. It's just hard. And lame. And slow.

  2. Yes, knowing that I only had to suffer for 20 months was absolutely the reason why I was able to grin and bear it. I feel the need to move frequently, too. But since we bought the house, we'll stay for another 4 years. But I'm sure I'll be ready to move in 3! :)

  3. I'm the same way. I'm constantly trying to talk Jesse into moving out of Utah, but he won't do it. At least your husband wants to move too! Sometimes vacations work for me, other times it makes it worse.