Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Kitchen Color

Wow!  Things got busy around here.  We've created new garden beds, redid some landscaping and are building the chicken coop.
Over the holiday I also painted the kitchen.  Here's the before:
 You can't really tell the color that well.  It looks whitish, but really it's more of a pasty, pinkish, old silly putty color.  I seriously felt ill with it.  I think it's the color of hospital walls.  I thought about orange (as you can see), but it just didn't sit well with me.  So for 3 years I've thought and put it off.  And finally my friend painted her kitchen yellow and I knew that was what I wanted.  It's so cheerful, but not overpowering.
I knew it needed to be a lighter shade because of the small space and for once I agree with the experts.  Normally I like bold color (I can't bring myself to paint over the green!), but lighter really does help it feel bigger.  Now I just need some new counter tops!! (someday, right?)
Also, I loved this idea.  Another neighbor painted her fuse box with chalk board paint.  Our boxes are located right in the kitchen and they are so ugly.  I have no idea if this breaks any kind of code, but it's so much nicer to look at now!

Also, I started homeschooling my son.  Not a lot, just some math, history and a little life science just to see how it goes for the summer.  He still has mixed feelings about school and I can understand that.  He misses his friends.  We're starting to meet other homeschooling families so he can make new friends, but other than that I am loving it!
As part of the history curriculum, we're looking at ancient grains.  Anyone here eaten amaranth?  I am so curious about growing it.  It's a beautiful plant and I think it might do well here.  It actually might be an invasive weed.  Still researching.  But if you're going to grow your own food, why not grow something you don't have to fret over?


  1. The kitchen looks nice. You can actually see a difference in the photos. And we have eaten amaranth. Quite a bit actually. I add it to bread a lot (either whole or ground as flour), we've eaten it sort of like rice and popped like popcorn. My younger boys also like to play with it in small buckets, sort of like sand. But I've never grown it.

  2. Love the new color! Very cheerful. I doubt that the chalkboard paint breaks code. And if so, then who cares? It's super cute and functional. :)

  3. Well done! Will you come paint mine next?