Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Am I nuts for seriously considering this?

It's a small fridge.  Only 13 cu. ft.  I mean how much of my refrigerator is empty space?  Probably not 10 cu. ft., but still....  I just feel like it's a poor design and I like how this is designed.  Smaller often means more efficient.

Here's the inside:

Not completely sure where the milk would go.  I can remove shelves if I need to though, and I'm loving the idea of freezer drawers!!  This LG one lists at $500 on google shopping, but most counter depth fridges are $1000+ (sigh).

Of course, this will all change as my kids turn into teenagers....

Our fridge makes funny noises and some day we're going to redo the kitchen a bit and that means we want a counter depth fridge.  Shortening the depth made me think about shortening the width.

Just wondering....


  1. We have a tiny fridge, relatively speaking. The top is below my eye level, and I'm no Amazon.

    You want to get crazy? I read an article a few months back about a guy who has lived without a refrigerator for 25 years!

  2. The only problem I foresee is the milk. Your oldest will start drinking a 1/2 gallon a day as a teen. (If you let folks always let my brothers! We went through SO much milk it was ridiculous.) Do you have a freezer outside?