Monday, May 23, 2011

Kitchen Pantry

I've got kitchen pantries on my mind.  Maybe it's because I don't have one.  I could fit one of these if I had another place to put my table.  Isn't it lovely?  You need 4 feet of wall space on either side to fit 24" cabinets on the sides of it.  When I remodel my kitchen in my head I totally have that.

But that involves serious construction.  Possibly the removal of a wall.  A load bearing wall.  But my neighbors removed theirs so it's doable.  Somehow....

The cabinets are working fine since we got rid of the dishes we don't really use.  Mostly I just want some dedicated space for 5 gallon buckets for food storage.  I'm feeling the food storage bug and I want to start canning and need a place to put said cans.  yeah, I could get a framed cabinet and save myself the hassle, but that doesn't fit 5 gallon buckets.  Building a closet does.

What does everyone else do?  We already have the cans under beds and in secret holes in the walls, don't tell me about that.  I want to know what you do with 5 gallon buckets of wheat!


  1. Those wheat buckets? I put them in my pantry. :P The pantry was what sold me on this house!!

  2. My 6 gallon buckets of grains line the bottom of my master bedroom closet (which isn't as big as it sounds). They are also in half of the boys' bedroom closet. They only use half the closet for hanging their church clothes so I have stacks of buckets, clearly labeled, in the other half. That way I can quickly find corn or quinoa or barley or kamut or whatever.

    My pantry is the size of a smallish broom closet. I sort of feel your pain.

  3. I also have no pantry... my neighbor uses the hall closet. It's small, so we're really only talking two doors, divided completely down the middle with wood (hall cabinet really- it's part of our 593 sq ft apt kitchen. It works. Under the sink? Cleaning stuff somewhere else? I'm thinking low to the ground to make it easier to use. Good luck. I know, I also want some 5 gallon buckets and found an ad of Craigslist in Sac that sells em for a DOLLAR each. I don't have room yet though.

  4. We have no pantry. We use hutches, like those fancy curio cabinets, in the "formal dining room" that we don't use, so it has BECOME the pantry.