Monday, May 16, 2011


Okay, enough of the crazy spots posts!  Time to get back to business.
JOY!  Pure and simple.

It refuses to get warm here!  How about you?  The only thing coming up here is potatoes and I'm itching for a break in rain/cold to get some squash plants in the ground!

Yesterday my husband met a couple at church who paid off something like $80,000 in debt!  He kept telling me I need to talk to her.  I liked her, met her briefly, but missed the life story part.  Now I'm anxious for next Sunday to roll around.

One of the things they did was cut their groceries down to $80/month.

Can you imagine!?  I mean, I thought $200 was good for us, but I'm curious to see if I can halve that.  I don't know if they just have the one toddler or more kids, but apparently they eat a lot of oatmeal. :)

Besides the obvious beans and rice, what have you done to lower the grocery bill?

We're done potatoes in various forms (baked fries, baked potato night, potato soup).  I'm a big fan of vegetable soup night too.  I need to get back to baking my own bread, especially since Tumbleweed may have a wheat, dairy (or both) allergy and I want to try other grains.  I've been thinking a lot of about our food lately and this has really got my mind pondering...

How low can a family of 5 get their grocery bill and still eat healthy?  hmmmmmm

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  1. Well, our grocery bill is still pretty ginormous. We've got 4 little boys who just want to EAT. A couple things we do to keep down the cost....we keep a garden and grow some of our own veggies - and then we can/freeze. Also, I almost exclusively buy all my groceries at a discount grocery store (dented, overstock, etc.) & usually get deals that are at least 50% less than normal groceries...sometimes more. Over the summer, any veggies/fruits we don't grow ourselves I try to get at roadside stands...local and a fraction of grocery prices!

    I'm still working on lowering our bill. Can't wait to see more comments/ideas.

  2. I'm skeptical. I went to the grocery smarts class and tried the whole couponing thing - didn't work for me. If you try to use real whole ingredients, there aren't many coupons for those or for pantry staples, though there are tons if you want frozen pizza, chips, or snack foods. We keep our bill down by doing potatoes or rice once a week and some form of eggs once a week, and by trying to shop ads for the best produce deals.

    You are doing great at $200 - our avg is almost twice that, but partly because we've had to build up our food storage.

    Thanks for your comments love ya!!

  3. Hi - I Googled "uticaria" and "PFAPA" and ended up on your blog. My daughter (5) has PFAPA and broke out in an amazing rash this morning, a first time for her. Just wondering if your PFAPA child gets rashes, too?

  4. Helen- my PFAPA daughter doesn't get a rash WITH the fevers, just canker sores. She has eczema and gets hives, but I've never seen them correspond with her fevers. Does your daughter take prednisone? I've had my kids get hives from viruses, maybe fevers can cause them too or a reaction to meds. Allergies are such a mystery!!

  5. has had super low grocery budgets for ages---at one point it was $35/week. I don't know what it is now. She eats more whole foods than any other couponer I've seen.

    I don't have a good answer--but cutting out meat helped a ton. Cutting out cheese would help even more.

    Recently I read a book where a guy set a limit ($1/pound, a few years ago) of what he would spend on ANY kind of food on a regular basis.

  6. Okay you have to keep me updated on this. I just signed up for a 4 week trial at Grocery (if you sign up put me as your referral!) But I doubt I will stick with it, because A) I don't get the newspaper and it seems like that's where most coupons come from and 2) I am not paying $25 every 8 weeks for this site no thank you. But 4 weeks free I can do.

    We suck because we eat out A LOT and I have got to get my butt in gear and stop that. We just got in the habit when I was pregnant and couldn't walk into the kitchen without puking (I wish I was kidding) for 7 months and it's just a hard habit to break. Our budget is $400 a month for the 3 of us - how lame is that? I know we can get it lower, I just need to like, get a brain. Duh to me. I do want to bulk up our storage so I haven't lowered the budget but it's getting to the point where it's kind of ridiculous - the fridge and pantry are full, but nothing is cooked already and I am tired so therefore, "Nate! Get me Cafe Rio!!!!"


    I have been reading a couple books written by "master couponers/savers" and I'll let you know if I read anything super helpful or interesting. Thus far, not so much.

  7. Hi.
    I'm in Australia, so things might be different here, but I just wanted to give you my two cents worth.
    We probably spend $400 a month on groceries, and I'm trying to reduce that. We eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, a bit of meat (not every night, and not the amount the average Australian would eat), and a bit of rice/pasta/potatoes to fill out the meal a bit. To put it into perspective, I think $800 a month would be a typical family of four's spend. Food must cost an awful lot more here!

    I don't buy processed stuff, other than some tinned food and the occasional packet of biscuits. We have fairly simple food and I mostly cook from scratch - instead of buying a bottle of honey soy marinade, i make the marinade from honey and soy, that sort of thing. I buy fruit and veg in season, because that's when it's cheapest. If it's too expensive we don't eat it. I've learnt to be flexible with vegetables. I try not to waste much. I'm trying to add more lentils/legumes into our diet, because if I buy them dried they are dirt cheap.

    I've read stuff about cutting down your grocery bill, there's even some popular recipe books out that are all about cutting down how much you spend on groceries. But the problem is that so many of the recipes don't seem to be that great for you. Lots of rice and pasta, or lots of mince and sausages, but not a whole lot of vegetables.