Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Been Busy

I haven't blogged much because last week we did this.

 Putting on the new paper.
 I let my 6 year old go up with dad.  I must be NUTS!
Pretty (and solid!) new roof.  Yay!!!

Much thanks to our neighbor who used to be a roofer until his back made him stop.  We are soooooo lucky!!!!!  Also, this is another circumstance where having a small house is nice.  Repairs cost less.

In other news it's allergy central around here.  Munchkin is allergic to grass.  She's been getting hives around her eczema.  I hadn't looked at her hazlewood necklace in a while but the wood had turned dark which means time to order a new one.  The bleach in bath water has REALLY been helping though.  

And she had a PFAPA episode.  I gave her the prednisone and within an HOUR she was fine!!!  Wohoo!!!!!

Tomorrow I take Tumbleweed back to the dermatologist to find out about the spots.  I'll write about that when we're back.

Only 2 1/2 weeks of school left.  I've planned out all my home school curriculum for the next year.  Am I just a little excited to be done???  You betcha!


  1. Awesome - a new roof! Glad the meds worked for #2.

  2. I love the background of your house. How wonderful to have mountains and hills so close. I miss those being in the Texas desert. We're in allergy season too. I used to get hives on my eyeballs! Freaked my mom out something fierce. I hope you can find answers at the dermatologist. And are you thinking the amber necklace is helping? Still on the fence about getting some or not.

    And just wanted you to know that because of your example (and one other friend) when we move we'll be looking at smaller houses than I ever thought we'd be "comfortable" in. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. No wonder you've been busy! How exciting! It looks great. (And, yeah, my boys would probably be up on the roof with their Daddy too and I would be just about as thrilled). Anyway, I missed your posts so it's good to see that you are back.

  4. twoboysnagirl- that made my day!! Sometimes I think hardly anyone reads this thing.
    I haven't tried amber necklaces, but I'm thinking of getting one for my baby's teeth (if they ever come). We've had great success with the hazelwood for eczema though!

  5. HEY. I know that mountain. I bet I could find you now. It might take me a few years but eventually... I might be able to do it. maybe.