Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We've taken to calling Tumbleweed "Spots".

As you can probably imagine, she hasn't been sleeping well.  She's normally not a fantastic sleeper anyway, but Sunday and Monday she had to nurse all night long.  
Literally. All.  Night.
She's been pretty irritable and fitful.
So yesterday I decided to call a few dermatologists in the area and see if anyone would see her.  The third one had an awesome receptionist who listened to my story and said, "well, we have two emergency openings and this sounds like an emergency."  But since the dermatologist was out of town we'd see the Physician's Assistant.  I like PA's.  Let me rephrase that.  I like specialist PA's.  I saw one for checkups on my heart and he was great!  PA's for generalists are a lot like generalists, they're really good at general health stuff, like strep.
The nurse got Tumbleweed's history and looked at her spots then went to get the PA.
Now, when you're expecting one doctor and instead a group of doctors come in the room, you know something's up.
They think it's something called uticaria pigmentosa which is a form of mastocyctosis.  translation: they think she has too many mast cells which are what produce histamine and it's causing an system wide allergic reaction.
I think that's what they said.
I did a quick google search and I'm not convinced that's what it is.  Maybe I'm being biased though because they were PA's.  We'll find out in 3 weeks when we go back to meet with the dermatologist and get the results of blood work and a biopsy.
Yup.  I wrote biopsy.  There's a hole in my baby's arm.
Yup.  I cried.

But they gave me a prescription to put on her skin and the redness is fading a little.  She's still getting more spots, but they don't look quite so angry.
Either it's that or my mom's energy work is helping.  I'll take anything!
Also, for any eczema readers, they suggested putting 1/4 cup of bleach in bathwater to kill bacteria that make eczema worse.  Short daily baths have helped immensely (the pediatric allergist suggested that) so I'm going to try it.
Why do I even bother with generalists anymore?  I'm loving these specialists!

Meanwhile, it snowed yesterday and I haven't planted anything but potatoes.  Crazy Utah weather!`
Life goes on.


  1. Holy cow, Kris.

    You do breed special snowflakes! I hope that they figure out what it is quickly and fix it. And that after that she gives you no trouble whatsoever. Ever again. :-)

  2. That poor sweet baby!!!! I hope they get it figured out quick. Snow...yuck.

  3. That looks sad:(. I hope all turns out okay, how long does it take to get the biopsy back?

  4. Ouchie. Poor baby. And poor Mommy!! Keep us updated.