Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Small House Family IRL

Amazing! It's so hard to find any of these that actually involve children! So inspiring!

My favorite part of the whole video is when she says she doesn't dream of a bigger space. She dreams of having less stuff to put in her space.

Can we have lunch?


  1. That was really fascinating! And inspiring. Wow. Less stuff instead of more there's a concept that's lost on most of us in America. Where did you find that video? Was that Lisa Ling's voice as the interviewer?

  2. Oh, delightful! I love seeing how families with more than just one baby make smaller spaces work.

    We're moving into a 1000 sq ft apartment, and frankly I don't want anything any bigger! Ever! Unless we end up with 12 kids, then maybe a few extra bedrooms. :-)

  3. I randomly found that video on the sidebar of youtube while watching another that was linked to from a news site (it was, of course a single person). I don't think it's Lisa Ling, for some reason I think it's some blonde girl. Maybe they show her in the other video and that's why I'm thinking that.

  4. I had not seen that one yet! Glad I found your blog. We have somewhere around 900 sq ft plus a enclosed porch we can use in most weather. After seeing all the tiny house movement I no longer think I need a bigger space! I always think, wow, I need to get rid of so much stuff!