Monday, April 25, 2011

Another One!!!

Can I have normal kids?  Ones that don't get weird diseases that doctors just shake their heads at?
Here's the latest:
Does she make you want to cry?  She makes me want to cry!  Her poor arm!
She started with a couple of these on her arm a few months ago.  I figured they were bug bites or body acne and kind of ignored them.  When they got worse I tried some hydrocortisone and they went away.  Then they came back some on her legs and then one on her cheek.  Last week she had roseola and that seems to have triggered something because they are back with a vengeance.  And it just keeps getting worse.
I'm going to compare spots with my friend whose twins have something similar.  Their's is a rare disease that out clinic guy brushed off.  I'm hoping it's different.  I think one rare disease in the family is enough, thank you.
I took her to the doctor today and he helpfully said, "I have no idea.  I guess it's cooties."  He thinks it's some kind of systemic allergic response and not a germ (try telling that to paranoid moms at the grocery store!)  And then told me to put Munchkin's eczema stuff on and see if it helps; and if it hasn't helped in 2 weeks he'd refer me to the pediatric dermatologist at Primary Children's.
It hasn't helped.  She's had new spots show up in the last 4 hours.
So please, please tell this woman who seriously struggles with anxiety to not be just a little freaked out by this.
Oh, and I have pack meeting tomorrow.  I have to bring my ridiculously clingy baby in all her spotted glory.  Do you think anyone will mind if we dispense with activities and just do the awards? *sigh*


  1. I'm so sorry. Just a thought, but you might want to consider the mattress she is sleeping on, or other chemicals she might be exposed to. We discovered the memory foam nightmare the hard way. If you have anything with memory foam..get rid of it! Even regular mattresses still have polyurethane and flame retardants, but memory foam seems to be the worst offender in bringing on all these allergic reactions and mystery health problems.

  2. poor sweet baby (and mama!) praying for healing and relief, friend.

  3. Oh no, poor baby!! Makes me want to cry. Hope everything gets resolved quickly.

  4. Oh, good grief! And good luck!

    P.S. I want to know what happened with the chiropractor

  5. Chiropractor was a bust. I'll call you.

    I'd never heard anything about memory foam, but we don't have any. She sleeps with me at night on a 10 year old regular mattress and naps on one over 20 years old. That is really good to know though since we're about due for a new mattress!!!

  6. So, I didn't know it was pack meeting. I've been completly out of the loop lately, I'm sorry