Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where Did I Go?

I'm still around. I'm just not on my computer as much anymore. We've had much in the way of sickness here which is why I find myself blogging at 12:30 am. Tumbleweed had a fever so I let her nap longer and of course now she feels fine and guess who gets to be up with her?! Jealous? You should be. She's crying right now because I wont let her unplug my computer. I can hear the phone call for "mom of the year" already!
I think I'm getting a sore throat. No church for mama tomorrow. Now if I didn't have to keep sick kids home with me I could look forward to an actual day of rest.
Thank goodness for Veggie Tales!
I finally redid the family routine and when people aren't sick it works pretty well. I really can't recommend one enough. One particular thing I like this time is that instead of my "chore time" I've divided it up throughout the day. Morning, afternoon and evening chores. I'm a lot less stressed and feel like I have more time with that.
I'm also starting to feel like everything has a place so it's easy to put it back in its place. Now to make sure well-intentioned in-laws don't keep sending stuff!!! Now there's a post!
I think all this cold is getting to me. Well, I think it got to me a couple of months ago, but now it's just overstayed it's welcome. Maybe I'll need to go on meds, but I have a feeling a shovel and some soft earth will help me out of this funk faster than anything my doctor can give me.
I have a replacement camera so hopefully I'll get around to blogging about redoing the kids' rooms. They're sharing again and everything is cleaner!!!!


  1. I definitely break mine up into morning, afternoon, and evening chores. It makes the day go by so much faster!

  2. Ugh, the whole month of January was like that for me, just one challenge after another-it was so hard to stay on top of anything. Here's hoping February goes better for both of us!