Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sugar Addiction

Hi, my name is Kris and I'm a sugar addict. And now you're all laughing and going, "yep, aren't we all?" But I'm serious. It's manifesting itself in actual physical side effects. I get severe headaches, jitters and this morning I was really dizzy until I had a piece of candy.
That is not normal folks.
I really overdid it over the holidays and stress has kept me going back to the sweets. This morning was a wake up call for me. This is real and I need to make some major changes. I've always had the attitude that of course we all need less sugar and processed food. Everyone knows we do. But I never cared much about it because I was always so healthy. But I'm not that healthy anymore. I married a guy who grew up eating hamburger helper and unfortunately I've started taking on these easy meal ideas.
I am feeling less depressed these days (yep, pretty sure it was SAD), but my anxiety is getting much worse. I LOATHE anxiety. I think medication is probably in order, but I don't want to just pop a pill forever. I want to feel healthy again. I want to be healthy again. That might help the anxiety or I might need to pills longer, but it's worth a shot, right?
I don't think just cutting out sugar will be enough. I think we need to finally make that lifestyle change. What I would love is to have a diet of mostly fruits and veggies, whole grains: corn, brown rice, whole wheat and the occasional meat. And not grain fed meat. Grass fed.
I've been researching a lot about where our food comes from and it's a bit scary. When you really start to learn what is happening to our food it's no wonder there's so much sickness in our society.
Obviously the biggest obstacle is money. Grass fed beef and free range chicken doesn't come cheap. But we shouldn't have that much meat anyway. Perhaps this is the way to stick to that. It's becoming more important to me than ever that my family starts growing much of its own food. Have any of you had success moving to a whole foods diet? What were the biggest drawbacks?


  1. I know what you mean. I go in phases too, when sometimes I eat lots of fruit and veggies and whole grains, and sometimes I eat Starbucks pastries. I can definitely tell the difference in how I feel, and the sugar headaches that I get during the junk food phases. Start with one step at a time, whether it's making sure that all of your grains are whole, replacing meat, or whatever... The hard part is that you have to always make sure to plan ahead. If you're caught off-guard and you suddenly have no dinner and no time, it's far too easy to revert back to fast/easy food "just once", and then it's downhill from there.

  2. Sounds like a sugar strike is in order. :)

  3. Wait. Your name is Kris too? Did I know this? Did I already freak out about it? Holy cannoli, I just had a minor heart attack. Actually I was wondering if maybe you went and stole this whole entry off my blog, because I swear I've written this before. Or felt this way like my entire life.

    Can we be pals forever?? Let's hang out! I'll bring the chocolate. And then we can talk about how we're going to quit sugar soon. But not yet, because, I brought chocolate.

    (totally serious about the hanging out thing by the way)

  4. I think it's normal to cycle, sometimes I go a full month with making healthy meals and having fruit and trail mix for snacks, and then wham for a few days all I want is potato chips and sugar-usually just before or after a sickness-I wonder is that my body's way of healing? Sugar gives plenty of calories and fat is full of energy. I don't know...I figure if you eat healthfully overall don't beat yourself up about the couple of days or even weeks of slip ups, life is stressful enough as is, no need to stress over food to the extreme.