Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I should have made a new years resolution to blog less, ha!!
Life is stressful right now. There's no tenants in our rental so we're paying 2 mortgages. But I know we're blessed to even have 2 properties and know plenty of others in worse situations than me, so I try not to complain.
I just don't blog :)
But I wanted to ask the internet how many pairs of shoes a person needs. I have never understood why anyone would need a shoe closet. It just boggles my mind. I can't understand that level of consumerism. So I'm going to talk about those of us who live in the real world. How many shoes do we need? I mean, we all know you only need one pair of shoes, but I'm talking about regular people who work and run and sometimes shovel snow. I finally sorted through mine and I'm proud to say I now only have 8! And I think that still sounds like too many, but I'll break it down for you.
I have 1 pair of the following:
snow boots
hiking boots
black flip flops
soccer cleats
brown "fun" shoes/dress sandals
white dress shoes
black dress shoes (actually, I need to go buy a pair of these, but I'm going to include them anyway)

I know I could whittle that down more. Right?
I need to have a talk with myself about soccer. 2 years ago I had a significant concussion and sprained (broke? it still hurts) my knee. I'm 30. While that isn't old, it isn't 20 and I still try to play like I'm 20. Maybe it's time to let it go. My concussion affected me for over a year, that's nothing to play around with. I know Igloo would feel better if I never played again. But cleats are expensive and if I do play again I don't want to go buy a pair.
And do I really need 3 pairs of dress shoes? Can't I just decide if I'm going to have black, white, or brown as my accessory color of choice and buy clothes accordingly?? Is that really possible for a woman to do? It might be....
I know I sound extreme, but you have to draw a line somewhere, right? I really do believe that you have to mentally keep track of everything you own and that creates mental clutter. My brain is having a hard enough time! Would sticking to a color palate free me or limit me? That's something worth exploring.
One thing I have decided is that every woman needs one pair of awesome shoes.
Those are my brown open toed wedge shoes. Or at least they're very similar. They are the shoes I can wear on a bad day and then the day isn't so bad. I just feel awesome in them.
My friend has a pair of yellow dress shoes that I covet. They are the most fun pair of shoes I have ever seen. Do you have a pair like that? Do you have more than one?


  1. Shoes aren't my thing. I have a pair of exercise shoes, snow boots, sandals, and black Doc Marten (Mary Jane style) shoes.

    Just don't ask me how many shirts I have. That conversation can only end in tears. For you. Because I'll be talking to you for hours. Non stop.

  2. Ok. I LOVE that pair of yellow shoes!

    While I notice other people's shoes...especially if they are wearing cool ones, I'm not really a shoe shopper. My friend, who is a shoe shopper, will pass her shoes on to me when she's tired of her 'old' ones. And, my sister in law passed on a pair of dress boots to me.

    I wear my shoes hard. And, I wear them until they are practically falling apart. I actually have a few pair that need to be thrown away. But these are my everyday shoes and I haven't seen anything that I can replace them with. ( And I can't wear those dress boots to chase my kids around the house or feed the chickens).

    I'm not sure how many pair I have. I recently donated a bunch that were still in good shape but that I didn't wear. I still need to go through my shoes and whittle it down even more. I probably have 3 pairs that I wear on a regular basis.

  3. No, you need one black, one brown, and one white pair of dress shoes. I"M SERIOUS! Okay, you could probably ditch white and just do black and brown. And living in Utah, you need one of each color for winter AND summer. Unless you own all black clothing, which you do not. I'm not even a fashionista, and this is my rule. I own 2 pairs of running shoes (that I alternate between when I go to the gym), my Vibrams, two pairs of flip flops, and 6 pairs of black or brown dress shoes. I no longer need winter dress shoes here - it's GREAT! - but the ones I had in Utah are cute, and I love them and wear them, so I'm not getting rid of them. :)

  4. Hmm, I want to go home and count to see how many pairs I have!

  5. Hmmm . . . I must admit that I'm a shoe lover (I'm new here as well!) and may I just say that shoes can completely make or break an outfit. A new pair can make you feel like a million bucks, which is why I can almost justify that $20.

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  7. This was on my mind a few weeks ago as I went shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond for a shoe rack.

    I have:
    Every day shoes.
    Hiking boots
    Motorcycle boots
    Road bike shoes
    Mountain bike shoes
    Gym shoes
    Black dress shoes
    Brown dress shoes
    Maroon dress shoes (These I should probably chuck)
    Leather sandals
    Simple rubber sandals
    And I have one pair of shoes for every day waiting until my current pair wear out.

    Too much for a guy?