Thursday, January 20, 2011

Only 2 more months until spring!!!

The snow has been melting here. It's cold still, but it makes me long to put my leather gloves on and grab a shovel. Unfortunately it's supposed to get colder with no snow and that means bad air for us. With 2 asthmatics in the house it's not much fun. So please spring, please come early!
I've been putting off blogging because I wanted to post some pictures but I can't find my camera!!!
I put in down on the window sill and as I was leaving the house I thought, "well, that's a silly place for a camera. I better move it."
ARG! So instead you get a couple of unrelated cute baby pictures.
We've been doing some rearranging. After 6 months of their own rooms we decided to have Jack and Munchkin share. Such a good move. They have a much easier time keeping their toys clean and organized when there's a separate play room. We've noticed they were less creative with their own rooms and tended to keep playing with the same things. When we had a playroom before they used their imaginations more and we better about putting things away when they were done. Plus Jack get's lonely at night and he sleeps better when he shares. Please don't ask
me what we'll do when Jack is older and needs his own room. Because I don't know.
Tumbleweed is not sleeping. She naps great! But for some reason when I put her down at night she just screams and screams and wants to nurse for 4 hours straight. Is it the solids? Is it the dark (I've tried having a night light and it made no difference). She's also starting to pull herself up stand. Just once, I'd like a baby who didn't walk before it's first birthday.
I am anxious for spring!!!!
I want to play in my garden! We plan on building 3+ new beds which will give us 48 sqft of more gardening space. I'm also hoping to dig an asparagus bed. We have been planning on getting chickens, but I may put that off for one more year.
So many times we feel limited by our home. We can't have big parties and have to do bathroom checks so we don't have too much dancing in the hallway. We could fixate on that but with the real estate market how it is we're stuck here for a while. So we might as well focus on the positive! We can't do a lot with the house, but we do have a yard. And we could potentially grow a lot of food in that yard. Sometimes I dream about buying an acre with animal rights, but I'm so inspired by other urban farmers that I want to make this work. I want to inspire others too.
Which is why I need pictures. To inspire you all. *sigh*


  1. I need you here to help me with my garden and flooring...and you need my sunshine. It's a perfect fit, no? Come visit me! :)

  2. It is! The more I garden the most I want zone 8+. Dana refuses to live in AZ summers any more though :(

  3. We are thinking of getting chickens this year. I've been wanting to do it for years, this may be the year we finally do it! I'm excited for our garden too. I like to help plant, I never do the maintenance that's Jim's job;).

  4. Oh I have to come play in your garden when spring hits. I am dying to garden but I live in a townhouse with no growing space at all and it killed me last year. This year I am going to try a square foot garden on my deck, but I doubt it will work because we're oriented in a way that we get very little sunlight back there. Dangit.

    I am anxious for spring too. This weather is making me mad because it feels like it should be March, not January.