Monday, January 24, 2011

Handling Stress

This was a topic in church yesterday. It was apropos because last week was beyond stressful. Igloo and I were asked to speak in church (stress).
I'm the new cubmaster and it's my first pack meeting tomorrow. I have no idea what I'm doing. (stress)
Tumbleweed has been waking up more and I'm exhausted!
I'm worried about my kids. My 2 oldest.
Munchkin may have a rare genetic disorder.
I'm serious.
She's been getting really high fevers (105 is normal around here) with no other symptoms (except feeling awful and everything hurts) every 4o days since September. She had one last week so I took her in just to make sure I wasn't crazy.
I'm not. But we get to start the arduous process of testing now. Any of you know anyone with Periodic Fever Syndrome?
Jack is worrying me. I don't want to say too much because it's the internet but he's having some emotional problems. Most of the time he's fine, but every so often I get really concerned. He's always been very sensitive. He's a perfectionist and it really affects his self-esteem. His teacher says he seems fine so that's a relief, but I'm still hoping to meet with the school psychologist to see if I can do something different with him at home.
I got a flat tire today. Luckily it was only $100 to repair (should have been $200 but Discount Tire is awesome)
I found a window with a big crack in it. Glass needs to be replaced.
There's other little things. I upset someone today and even though I didn't do anything wrong, it's bothering me. I volunteer at the school a couple of hours each week. I love it, but it's just one more thing I have to do. It's laundry day tomorrow. Jack's coughing. The toddler isn't growing out of the toddlerness. It seems to just be getting worse.

And I'm mad at myself for even being stressed about all of this because in all reality, my life isn't so bad. I'm ticked that our savings seems to be disappearing thanks to small car repairs and broken windows, but we HAVE savings. I have friends without jobs or with medical debt.
Another friend just lost her baby at 25 weeks. This one is really hitting me hard.
A relation went to close on a house out of state and were told "never mind" (they had already driven the moving truck over)
Another friend's toddler pulled a pot of boiling water onto himself. He's the one with autism and cerebal palsy I told you about. It's bad enough when regular kids get injured. Autism is whole other story. They can still use a lot of help paying for service dog training for him, btw. Feel free to donate (even $5 helps) here.
My brother is wedding planning! Talk about stress!!! (Elope! Just do it!!)

With all that my loved ones are dealing with, I feel like a schmuck for whining about my life right now.
The flat tire today just did me in though. I can't keep it bottled up inside. Writing is one of the ways I deal with stress. It helps to just get it out there. "I'm having a hard time dealing with life right now." There it is. Out on the internet. And it feels a bit cathartic, I gotta admit.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Only 2 more months until spring!!!

The snow has been melting here. It's cold still, but it makes me long to put my leather gloves on and grab a shovel. Unfortunately it's supposed to get colder with no snow and that means bad air for us. With 2 asthmatics in the house it's not much fun. So please spring, please come early!
I've been putting off blogging because I wanted to post some pictures but I can't find my camera!!!
I put in down on the window sill and as I was leaving the house I thought, "well, that's a silly place for a camera. I better move it."
ARG! So instead you get a couple of unrelated cute baby pictures.
We've been doing some rearranging. After 6 months of their own rooms we decided to have Jack and Munchkin share. Such a good move. They have a much easier time keeping their toys clean and organized when there's a separate play room. We've noticed they were less creative with their own rooms and tended to keep playing with the same things. When we had a playroom before they used their imaginations more and we better about putting things away when they were done. Plus Jack get's lonely at night and he sleeps better when he shares. Please don't ask
me what we'll do when Jack is older and needs his own room. Because I don't know.
Tumbleweed is not sleeping. She naps great! But for some reason when I put her down at night she just screams and screams and wants to nurse for 4 hours straight. Is it the solids? Is it the dark (I've tried having a night light and it made no difference). She's also starting to pull herself up stand. Just once, I'd like a baby who didn't walk before it's first birthday.
I am anxious for spring!!!!
I want to play in my garden! We plan on building 3+ new beds which will give us 48 sqft of more gardening space. I'm also hoping to dig an asparagus bed. We have been planning on getting chickens, but I may put that off for one more year.
So many times we feel limited by our home. We can't have big parties and have to do bathroom checks so we don't have too much dancing in the hallway. We could fixate on that but with the real estate market how it is we're stuck here for a while. So we might as well focus on the positive! We can't do a lot with the house, but we do have a yard. And we could potentially grow a lot of food in that yard. Sometimes I dream about buying an acre with animal rights, but I'm so inspired by other urban farmers that I want to make this work. I want to inspire others too.
Which is why I need pictures. To inspire you all. *sigh*

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I should have made a new years resolution to blog less, ha!!
Life is stressful right now. There's no tenants in our rental so we're paying 2 mortgages. But I know we're blessed to even have 2 properties and know plenty of others in worse situations than me, so I try not to complain.
I just don't blog :)
But I wanted to ask the internet how many pairs of shoes a person needs. I have never understood why anyone would need a shoe closet. It just boggles my mind. I can't understand that level of consumerism. So I'm going to talk about those of us who live in the real world. How many shoes do we need? I mean, we all know you only need one pair of shoes, but I'm talking about regular people who work and run and sometimes shovel snow. I finally sorted through mine and I'm proud to say I now only have 8! And I think that still sounds like too many, but I'll break it down for you.
I have 1 pair of the following:
snow boots
hiking boots
black flip flops
soccer cleats
brown "fun" shoes/dress sandals
white dress shoes
black dress shoes (actually, I need to go buy a pair of these, but I'm going to include them anyway)

I know I could whittle that down more. Right?
I need to have a talk with myself about soccer. 2 years ago I had a significant concussion and sprained (broke? it still hurts) my knee. I'm 30. While that isn't old, it isn't 20 and I still try to play like I'm 20. Maybe it's time to let it go. My concussion affected me for over a year, that's nothing to play around with. I know Igloo would feel better if I never played again. But cleats are expensive and if I do play again I don't want to go buy a pair.
And do I really need 3 pairs of dress shoes? Can't I just decide if I'm going to have black, white, or brown as my accessory color of choice and buy clothes accordingly?? Is that really possible for a woman to do? It might be....
I know I sound extreme, but you have to draw a line somewhere, right? I really do believe that you have to mentally keep track of everything you own and that creates mental clutter. My brain is having a hard enough time! Would sticking to a color palate free me or limit me? That's something worth exploring.
One thing I have decided is that every woman needs one pair of awesome shoes.
Those are my brown open toed wedge shoes. Or at least they're very similar. They are the shoes I can wear on a bad day and then the day isn't so bad. I just feel awesome in them.
My friend has a pair of yellow dress shoes that I covet. They are the most fun pair of shoes I have ever seen. Do you have a pair like that? Do you have more than one?

Monday, January 3, 2011

It finally happened!

Today, my husband had an employee drive him home for lunch (the car died this morning-we're working on getting it resurrected) so that employee could pick up our tv.

No giant box staring me in the face every time I walk into the living room! I'm not completely anti-tv (just mostly *wink*). I enjoy watching good movies. But I prefer small tv's, usually behind doors. Ours was a 32" box that stuck out a foot beyond the bookcases and seemed to take over the room. And now it's not :)
Which means the entertainment center that was holding it is in the carport, also waiting to be donated.
The living room feels so much more relaxing and open. I hope it's a long long time before that thing gets replaced.
And I know it will get replaced at some point. I can't fool myself. For now, we've watched a couple of movies on our new laptop and haven't felt deprived at all. As the kids get older though it will be harder to do squish together and I think we'll have something wall mounted. The computer plays dvds and we're trying out netflix (I'm in documentary heaven!-but I worry about some of the kids shows on there so we'll see).
We've been saving for a new computer for almost 2 years. Our previous was so old it had a 3 1/2" floppy drive! We got a lighting deal on amazon combined with gift certificates and finally could afford a new computer! Yay!
We also have the stereo in the donate pile. We have a second hand ipod player and finally have a computer than can handle having a large music library. We're going to utilize those to save space. I feel like we're finally REALLY starting to accept our lifestyle.

This weekend, Igloo (that's hubby's new nickname, remember) was in a major decluttering mood. He looked around at all the stuff and said, "you know, I think it's time for us to get rid nice things now too. Because we just don't have the space."
That has really resonated me. I always kept the nice things because I liked them. They were nice. But everything feels better without the antique Howard radio and without the tv. This week we plan to address how many shoes everyone actually needs to have.
Don't get me wrong, we have the space for our things. Everything fits. But there's a nicer spirit or energy in our home when it isn't filled with so much. When it comes to how a home feels, I think less is usually more. That's why this decluttering never seems to end. As you get rid of more, you start seeing more as potential clutter. You start asking, "do I need that?" about everything and the answers start to change as you get rid of more.