Saturday, December 11, 2010

Furniture for the Small House

ummm, yes please!
Some time in the next 2 years I am buying a new living room set. I'm going to have a grown up living room!
Home Reserve not only has cute, relatively affordable sofas (think $375 shipped) and chairs ($200), but they also come with built-in storage! If one piece gets damaged by, say, young children, you can just replace that one part without having to replace the entire set. I like things that are good for the environment and my wallet!
Right now we have a second hand sleeper sofa which has been wonderful, but I am ready for something else. And I seriously dream of built in storage.
I also dream of my own yurt, but that's for another post.


  1. My mother-in-law has those couches and they are not very comfortable. They're also rather short in the back so you feel like you're sitting on a midget couch. See if you can try them before you buy!!! Ikea has some great furniture for small spaces too.

    But I hear you on "grown up" furniture. It was a wonderful day when we finally bought nice looking, MATCHING furniture!!!! May your living room dreams come true.

  2. awwww! Bummer! That's been my complaint about most IKEA couches too-the short back. I'm so glad you told me though. I'll keep looking.

  3. I did check out the was kinda fun checking out all the fabric & style options!

  4. After reading this I realised that all of our furniture is hand-me-downs from people or made by my husband. It's hard when kids ruin the best stuff, it's so much easier when they ruin stuff you didn't have to pay for in the first place.