Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where Does Baby Sleep?

If you're lucky enough to have a room devoted solely for your baby, move on. This is not the post you are looking for.
One of my friends is pregnant with #5 (yay!!!!) and trying to figure out the bedroom situation. I wanted to post about options and see what my creative readers have come up with for their homes.
In the beginning my babies sleep with me. Hubby takes the couch so he gets enough sleep for work and I feel less sleep deprived from "nursing all night" by having her close. Now, I know some people who keep that up long term (hopefully hubby moves back in sooner), and I know some people can't ever be in the same room as a baby. Do what works for you. We also know that having baby in our room past a certain point gets, um, invasive. So here's our solution:
During the day, the baby sleeps in my room in her pack n play (um, I don't think a crib would fit anywhere in my house). At night, we move the pack n play into the living room. It takes all of 3 minutes, baby sleeps longer and learns to put herself back to sleep, mom & dad get their room back, baby gets naps, and everyone is more well rested. yes, some nights I get tired of moving the bed, but it's worth it. It is so worth it. Once she can sleep without needing to eat then we'll move her into the girls room (which I think means we'll need to consolidate & sell a dresser. hmmmm)
Whenever I think about families feeling cramped, I think about pioneers and the homes as big as my living room that would fit 10 people. I'm not advocating that or anything, but they made it work. Kids shared beds and only had a handful of toys (if they were lucky). I think if we got over the showcase home mentality, our homes would be more functional (I'm telling myself that. I suffer severely from showcase home mentality!) If my neighbor can fit 10 people in 1200 sqft then I figure anyone can make their home work :)
So what about you? Have you had to get creative with sleeping arrangements? Please share for anyone else needing solutions.


  1. Well, we have 3 bedrooms (not gigantic ones mind you). We have 4 boys. Hubby and I have one bedroom. Our three oldest boys share another bedroom . And, the baby is the lucky duck that gets a bedroom all to himself.

    Our old tiny farmhouse originally had 4 bedrooms upstairs. But, we turned one of them into a bathroom.

    We probably have about 1300 square feet all together.

    Whenever I feel cramped I remind myself that the Old Order Mennonite family that built this house raised 9 children in it.

  2. We have 4 boys as well, they share one bedroom with 2 sets of bunk beds. My babies always slept with me (or in the crib in my room) until they were 18 months or so. Growing up we had 7 kids in 3 1/2 bedrooms. Two kids in each room, with one boy in the converted closet. My younger sisters and brothers shared a queen sized bed (boys in one room, girls in the other).

    I really and truly want to get Japanese style sleeping mats for everyone. In the morning we'd just roll them up, put them in the closet and have a whole empty room to play in. I'm getting serious resistance from my husband. I'm not giving up though....

  3. crazy4boys---I fantasize about futons for my boys, too! Right now we have two twin mattresses on the floor of my boys' bedroom, so there's no real room to play in there.

    But I'm grateful the mattresses were free.

    We have the baby in a pack-n-play in our walk-in closet. We're lucky to have a MASSIVE closet (it's even got built-in shelves that hold all of our books right now) in our 2BR apartment.

    Kris, you can only imagine my terror when I thought I was pregnant this week. THAT'S a good story. Stupid hormones playing tricks on me.

    If I were to have another baby? We'd probably go for futons or a bunk bed, whichever was cheaper, and find a craigslist pack-n-play.

    Creativity seems to be the key, doesn't it?

  4. Just wanted to tell you that I do NOT miss #2. I asked Maggie the other day what she remembered about that tiny little apartment and she said, "well...all I remember is that the windows and walls were always wet."

    How sick and SAD is that?!

    No creative sleeping solutions from me, just that I am lucky enough to have plenty of room, but I still insist that my girls share a bedroom. :)

  5. I think I was a little spoiled growing up. I never thought I was spoiled, but we had six kids in a 5 bedroom house and all the rooms were decent size. With four brothers and my sister being 8 years younger than me, my parents refused to have me share a room. They didn't think that siblings who are eight years apart should share a room, I was grateful for that. If this baby is a girl, my girls will be ten years apart. If it's a boy, we could do two boys in each room with bunk beds. Part of the problem is the elaborate firetruck bed that was given to Josh by a home builder as part of his Make-a-Wish. This bed takes up a lot of space, but it is something that would be very hard to part with because of sentimental value and we have enough boys to pass it down through. I know whatever we do, we can make it work.

  6. Well, we have 6 kids in a 3 bedroom home. We have 4 boys and 2 girls.

    As you can imagine, we've had numerous sleeping arrangements over the years but currently, the 4 boys are finally all old enough to share a room. We have 2 bunkbeds for them. That is actually an easy part. It is storing all their clothes that is hard. I probably just need to purge. A LOT.

    My oldest daughter has actually had her room to herself since the youngest boy moved to be with the boys over the summer. She has a bed and crib in her room. But, currently, the baby sleeps in our room at night. She naps in her swing during the day. For now, anyway. She is just hitting 6 months and is an incredibly good baby, sleeps well, doesn't mind noise, etc. She will move in with my other daughter .. when I finally come to terms with the idea that my baby is too big for our room AND when I finally clean out the crib so she can sleep in it.

    During the day, naps are probably the most challenging. One boy sleeps in his bed and one boy sleeps in our bed. I couldn't possibly put them together b/c they insist on not obeying and instead fooling around. I would spend the whole 2 hours going up and down the stairs dealing with their disobedience and tucking them back in. No Thanks.

    It isn't ideal but it works for us. While we have a bigger house than most I have seen post here (about 2,000 sq ft. with our finished basement) we still only have 3 bedrooms. We live amongst many who have bigger houses and less kids ... so our way of thinking is very different.

    I love what you say about "showcase mentatlity." I so need to get over it!

    Have a blessed day!

  7. I love reading these responses, thanks everyone!
    Kim, you are the only person I would tell to keep the big fire truck bed! :) Now that your break is over I want to come visit.
    Mandy, that is sad :( Didn't she even mention us???

  8. Let's see, I took the doors off the closet and emptied it out so I could have more square footage to fit the bassinet in the bedroom. Three kids, one toddler bed, crib and bassinet in one room. I never thought I would have five people in a two bedroom basement apartment. I am pleasantly surprised by how creative we can be.