Welcome October!

We're experiencing an Indian summer here. It's been 90 degrees during the day. Yeesh!
last autumn
Apparently fall didn't get the memo this year.
But then I look at my squash and pepper plants and instead I'm grateful for an extended growing season. The tomatoes can die though. I'm fairly sick of tomatoes at this point. My kids wont eat them. They'll pick them - as evidenced by the sun dried squished tomatoes covering my yard - but they wont eat them. So why did I grow so many?
We have a pumpkin that got a late start and I'm waiting every day for it to begin to turn orange. Green might be cool though.
We watched The Great Pumpkin today to help us feel more festive. The heat sure isn't.
I'm putting up my Halloween decor beginning next week. About 2 weeks later than I usually do it (I love Halloween!!). But the spiders in my crawl space where I keep my holiday stuff haven't been killed from cold yet.
me with one of my ghosties in my ghost tree
And I'm spending the weekend being spiritually edified. My favorite of fall traditions!

But I'd like to have an official tradition I do every year to welcome fall. Shall I pick our lone sugar pumpkin and bake a pie? Have a special dinner or way to put up the decor?

What are your favorite fall traditions? Do you have a special way to ring in the new season or does it just gradually happen?