Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spice Reduction

all my spices
Yesterday, a commenter, Laura, made a good point: spice only lasts for so long before it loses its, um, spiciness. So while part of me really hated to part with poppy and caraway seeds never used, I knew it was past time. Plus the caraway and celery seed had gone rancid.

By the way, I had two full poppy seed containers. Ugh!

I separated my spices into 4 categories: Never used, sometimes used (3+ times/year), frequently used (monthly), & frequently used w/doubles (I have no good excuse for that)

*Geek digression* - Does anyone else want to go read Dune after seeing the word "spice" repeatedly?

What I learned:I have ten spices I've never used. Three of those have a double for a total of thirteen containers I don't need.
I have nine spices I sometimes use. Four of those have a double for a total of seventeen containers I don't need.
I have thirty spices I use frequently. Eight of those have a double for a total of twenty-five containers I don't need.
So I combined the doubles and ditched the never used and some of my frequently used that I honestly don't use that much. And I tossed them.
the new wall rack complete with labels. ooooh

new lazy susan & cabinet spices
Do you know what I just effectively did?
I just got rid of the spice rack on my counter (holds 16 jars) and most of the loose ones in my cabinet.
everything I'm tossing
We all know that counter space in a small kitchen is prime real estate.
So the counter one will go into the sell/donate box.

I feel so much better now! I only own....
spice containers now. (make it thirty-two, I need to buy some more for thyme & rosemary)

Next question: How is your medicine cabinet?
(that one I clean out every 6 months, but if you don't, go check it out. Expired meds don't often work & sometimes become dangerous!)
By the way, I checked out this site Lauren left in the comments yesterday. It's out of my price range (I can just use what I have now!) but looks pretty cool if you're in the market.

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